Monday, July 1, 2013

Jericho Romaine

For the first time this year we have tried a new variety of romaine lettuce called Jericho. Originating in Israel it is supposed to be able to take the heat of summer without turning bitter or bolting. So far it has lived up to that claim and we are loving the sweet taste. 

The large heads provide lots of tall leaves and fill my salad spinner quickly 

O Wise One loves the romaine hearts on his sandwiches and such therefore I keep a container of just hearts in the fridge along with chopped letttuce for salads. This is our second planting of this lettuce and we have a third batch of seeds already under way for a third harvest and we plant about one  crop a month. 

Easy to start from seeds this variety is proving a winner on this farm.

Now that the Black Seeded Simpson leaf lettuce is winding down from those 90 degree days this has become our mainstay lettuce although I do have a couple other varieties planted. 

We look forward to our own fresh cucumbers coming in out of the garden to go with our salads though.

What's your favorite summer lettuce variety?

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  1. Lovely harvest ! I am glad your crops are doing well ! Hoping by next year we have our veggie garden on the go ! It will be a raised 4 by 8 veggie garden as there is just Papa and I ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  2. Thanks for the lettuce rundown! Great information!


  3. I just ordered some heirloom Jericho lettuce seeds from Amazon. Maybe I can get some going for eating yet this summer! Since they are heirloom seeds, I should also be able to save seeds for next year??

    My lettuce always seems to be bitter because I don't get it going well enough before the heat comes, so maybe this is the lettuce for me!

    Thanks again!

  4. I am growing this for the first time too :) Another one that I have grown this year that did well in the heat is mignonette. Baker creek and sustainable seed has it :)

    I also just read that lettuce is grown under 50% shade commercially... I have a piece of shadecloth up on mine at well. It was 108 here in so cal yesterday, and we had butterhead lettuce leaves on our burgers last night. Not bitter :)

  5. It's been a great year here in SW Washington for all the cooler weather crops - our cabbage leaves are ENORMOUS! I've got buttercrunch lettuce and an iceberg head lettuce that are doing great so far. I'm behind on my second crop :-( but now you've inspired me to get moving!
    p.s. I've been reading your blog every morning with my coffee.....we're definitely kindred spirits! I just figured out how to be one of your followers ;-) Thanks for all the wonderful down-to-earth real-life posts!

  6. If OWO likes the hearts of Jericho, he'll love the tender little heads of Little Gem - always succulent in the heat, and easy to fit in small spaces because it is so small. That being said, Jericho and Parris Island are our favorite big romaines because they hold up so well. Thai 88 oakleaf from Southern Exposure is a good one too. It's cooler here but our summers are hot and dry and we don't irrigate too much so all the hot weather lettuces do great.

    Love the new header!

  7. Why do you put the lettuce in jars? Does it keep longer that way?


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