Monday, July 22, 2013

High Canning Season!

Yes indeed that time of year is here. You know high canning season has arrived at my house because as I type this I have a giant bowl of pickle relish sitting on my table soaking in salt. Tomorrow that will be the first order of business.

I also have jars of pickles sitting on the other table fermenting. These pickles are the kind thatgo in the refrigerator and are crunchy. 

And the mountain of cucumbers, squash and zucchini piled on my counter to be cleaned, blanched and frozen. There is also a big bowl of shredded zucchini in the refrigerator awaiting being made into bread and frozen.

And a giant bowl of pink eyed purple hull peas that I just got finished shelling to be canned tomorrow also. For the rest of the week there are chickens to be butchered and canned. New potatoes to be dug and canned. The corn should be ready with a week or so also. Not to mention 4 rows of red beans and a row of horticultural beans that should be ready to pick within days. 

And just to keep things really interesting my computer died this morning. A moment of silence please! After 9 years the old gal has finally bit the big one. That final fatal error. I will continue to post for the next few days while I shop for another computer in all my spare time.Baby O has generously allowed me to share her laptop occasionally when I can find the time. I will not be able to answer as many emails until the new computer is up and running. 

I hope all of you that follow this blog will bear with me through the transition as I take the time to purchase a new computer, install software and learn a new operating system. I may not post as often and may have to use photos out of the archives in the interim. 

Blessings from the holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. What a bounty of blessing and alot of work :).

    I, too, need to replace my computer before it gives out. The one I have is about seven years old and a familiar friend. Learning new technology is not where I enjoy spending my time and, quite frankly, I find it frustrating. Yet, it must be done....

    Best of wishes with the canning and the new computer. I truly enjoy your posts and appreciate all you share with us whenever your time and circumstances allow. Thank you.

  2. Let us know that you decide for a computer.....mine is 10+, yikes. It blew the hard drive a couple of years ago, at the worst time. They fixed it and saved my stuff, but had I known the cost, I could have upgraded then.

    Nothing ready in the garden to can here in Michigan yet, but I did find a few bags of baby limas. They are now soaking away and I will can them this afternoon.

  3. Get a really large monitor with your next will love it!

  4. We purhased a Dell laptop from Best Buy, also the extended warranty which does include a free battery if you take it in and tell them it's not holding its charge after a year and a half ... Geek Squad us wonderful and so very helpful. When we purchased the laptop we also got a good deal on a HP wireless printer "photo smart", I believe. Very nice, indeed. All in all Big Daddy spent under $800 ... also purchased a carrying case to keep it in.
    Good luck computer shopping and may the energy be with ya as you can.
    Melissa in Churubusco, IN

  5. Your garden and jarvest are doing much better than those here in Clinton County...My tomatoes rippen one at a time, my horticulture beans are just now coming up, watermelon and peppers are the same size the were when I transplanted them in herbs all turned woody....I have been faithfully watering, and its just not doing well--enough for hte table, but not much to can or dehydrate. We need a few cool days to help. Lter this week I plan to go get a truck load of rabbit manure to see if that helps.

  6. Sorry about your computer, i've been there lately myself. The cruchy pickles you have fermenting in this post. Are they dill? If so, I've had trouble finding a good recipe that are crunchy, and I can't seem to find your recipe on either of your blogs. If your willing to share it I'd love to have it. I'm about to try your tomato sauce canning recipe. Sounds so much let mess than blanching, seeding etc...and the roaster oven makes it even better.Thanks


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