Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Daily Farm Journal...Oven fried Chicken

What's For Supper? Raided the garden : )

Oven Fried Chicken

Fresh new potatoes smothered in butter, garlic and parmesan

Fresh Jade green beans

What's for supper at your house?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Roasted red pepper pasta, salad, and bread.

    I've been craving chicken, I'm coming to your place, got room for another at the table? LOL

  2. Homegrown sausage, pancakes with fresh strawberry sauce, maple syrup from our trees!:) your dinner looks and sounds delicious!!

  3. CQ,

    Nothing as good as what's at your house.

    We had salad, much of it came from the garden but not all, by a long shot. The lettuce, arugula, tomatoes & onions were grown but the sliced ham & salami as well as the blue cheese came from the store. Still good but I sooooo want to get to where we can prepare w/o ANYTHING from the store.

  4. Nothing like a trip to the backyard for dinner!

  5. YUM!! We had spaghetti from some fresh pasta I made. And a salad from the garden.

  6. Yummy! We had take out, but last night we had fried fish, fresh green beans, new potatoes and the works!

  7. Your dinner looks so good! We had chicken fried steak, green beans and baked potatoes and none of it came from the garden or was raised. Our garden hasn't produced a thing yet due to so much rain and not enough sun.

  8. Wow all this sounds great. We had a mix I made a chuck roast, cast iron potatoes with cheese, and sauteed zucchini with onions and bell peppers. My mom came by and dropped off Okonomiyaki which in english means japanese savory pancakes. So yummy ours had cabbage, slivered beef and some bacon chunks. Sounds crazy but it's really good.

  9. I am absolutely, positively, wholeheartedly astounded at the fruits coming out of your garden, and so soon after adverse weather!! That Missouri soil is something else!! Here in North Idaho I got my stuff in earlier, but they are nothing compared to what you have got going. (Of course we also don't have humidity, chiggers, tornadoes and poisonous snakes!!) And maybe I'll get me some rabbits...I thought goat manure was good enough but maybe not. ;) Also I am so inspired by your industry in the home. You are a good example to us younger ones, and my children and I all enjoy looking at your blog daily. Thank you so much for faithfully blogging, and for the many pictures when you are so busy.Keep up the good work and beautiful cooking.


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