Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Daily Farm Journal..Boy Is It Hot!

I lost 2 young chickens yesterday and a young turkey! They died from a bug called a turkey gnat. It gets around their neck and sucks the blood and just all around drives them nuts till they die. The young ones seem very prone to death from these bugs. Normally these things are long gone by mid June or so but this year they are still here.  We have yet to find any spray that works on them. They are too small and can fit right through screen and clothes do not work either. They get up under your clothes and bite. Just one more hurdle to overcome on top of the heat! 

Now to confuse this story even more is the fact that I am allergic to them! Not allergic to anything else on the planet that I am aware of, but the last time I got bitten by these things was on a fishing trip with OWO, and I ended up in the hospital. So I understand completely what these birds are going through. I am confined to the house by my husband who has announced with the thermometer creeping toward 100 today and the heat index  to hover at about 105 that he refused to do a hospital run. So I am under house arrest : (

So it is his responsibility all day to keep all the animals in water and ice bottles and monitor the rabbits, big turkey hen with chicks, goats and the chickens for heat related problems and gnats. 

My solution was really simple.....I brought all my baby chickens and turkeys out of the tractors they were in and they are now in the air condition with mama.  

O Wise One thinks I have gone over the bend : )

 So me and the turkeys are gonna do some cooking and housework and take the day off! Maybe enjoy a little ice tea and just hang out in the air condition, maybe listen to some gospel music ! We are a wild bunch ya know!

 Rockie and Bullwinkle are pouting cause they think this isn't fair...they want to come in too!

 I'll let ya know what I cook!

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. Someone recently suggested using the off brand Listerine in a spray for a tick repellent...worth a try. Might scare the bad biters away.

    Hope your party doesn't run AFOUL.

  2. We call them turkey mites here in Kentucky. My husband got into them last year! Hate that u lost the little ones! Stay cool!

  3. I love the top picture. We have gnats at the country house but they don't bite, they just annoy the living daylights out of you. Between July 1st & September 30th, don't EVEN think about putting food out. Even if you haven't seen a gnat for days, there will be millions at the first bowl of anything edible. We have biting sand gnats here at the City House but only in certain areas.

    I like your solutions of bringing the young ones in to the AC. Wonder if they's get used to it & not want to go back out?

  4. You are such a good mama to your baby birds. That will teach that darn old turkey gnat not to mess with your babies :) It takes a kind-hearted woman to bring her chickens into her air conditioned home.
    Come visit and our photos of sailing Gypsy Rose on the 4th of July :)
    God bless you and have a wonderful day, Steve

  5. Hi, I'm back to apologize, something was going on with my blog address, but I think that I have it fixed, now. I'll the unknown blogger in the above comment. Steve

  6. I am sorry to hear of your loss of these birds ! I do hope you can find something to get rid of these nasty bugs , and please take care and don't get your self bit ! Take care and good luck !

  7. Info on the Gnat and what to do to get rid of them and identify them as there are different types ! Hope this helps !http://animal.discovery.com/insects/question688.htm


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