Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cylindra Beets

Recently I picked my beets and pickled part of them. This year I tried a new heirloom beet called Cylindra. In the photo above you can see the two Cylindra beets on the left and the two Detroit Dark Red beets on the right.

Now I have grown Detroit Dark Reds for years and it is a good beet but what I like about the Cylindra is the shape. Notice it is long like a carrot and can grow to 8 inches long. This is great for pickling because you have all those uniform slices. And the taste and texture are wonderful. 

You can't let a Detroit Dark Red get larger than say a baseball or it won't fit in a standard mouth canning jar. But these Cylindras because they grow long will give you more beet for the same growing space. Now because I have rocky soil I did grow mine in my raised bed.  

Oh but look what beauties and I still have beets in the ground to can. And being an heirloom I am leaving some in the ground for seeds. So if you like canned beets I give Cylindra a good recommendation.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I've grown Cylindras for the last two seasons, and I agree with you! They are wonderful and so much easier to process.

  2. I hadn't thought about it that way - what a good excuse to try a new-to-me variety ;)

  3. We love beets here.. I'll have to remember to give them a shot..

    Love your hay bale.. beautiful photo..


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