Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We're Off To A Good Start

Several Days ago I showed you the pictures of the first corn planting, 6 rows of an heirloom corn called Golden Bantam.

My second planting of corn is the hybrid Kandy sweet corn. A family favorite for years now. We planted an additional 4 rows that should come in several weeks behind the first planting in order to space out the canning so that I  don't have mountains of corn to can at one time.   

Up within 3 days with a good rain on it right after planting.

Along with 2 more rows of Lina Sisco heritage horticulture bean and  half a row of yellow squash 

Two more rows of Jade green beans came up nicely

Two rows of watermelon and one row of cantaloupe Healey's Pride

The open pollinated heirloom cucumber Straight Eight is leafing out nicely in the first row and I have a second row of these just breaking the ground.  This is a wonderful and versatile cucumber that can be used for both pickling when picked young and for the table. 

With such a late spring we have really had to hit the ground running to get these gardens planted between rains and still struggle with keeping the weeds down between showers .  Our general rule is not to walk on or work wet ground so the window of opportunity to get in these gardens between rains is slim sometimes. 

We actually have a couple days now with lower chances of rain and we hope to take full advantage of these days to get some weeding done. In just a couple weeks I will start my fall seeds in preparation for planting from mid July to mid August. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Okay, I'm totally new to this gardening thing and currently planting in small beds with hopes of a big plot next year. My question is this, how do you decide what to direct sow and what to plant inside for future transplant? What affects that decision? I'm so confused! I'm basically doing what you do only I get to start months earlier, so I'm keeping notes for next year so I can start earlier, but I'd love to know the reasoning. Thanks! I LOVE your blog!!!

    1. Things I plant inside spring onions early!!!!! like jan/feb because they take awhile to get big enough to plant in the garden. Next are the brassicas broccoli, cabbage. They go out right behihnd the onions as soon as the weather stabilizes a little to allow them to make before the heat sets in because they like COOL weather. Next summer crops tomatoes,peppers, basil, some lettuces to allow them to get large enough that the beginning of June they are large enough to go in the garden. This is simply so that I am picking tomatoes in July/August instead of September and October. Then around July 1 I start planting a fall crop of brassica again broccoli, cabbage, brussell sprouts. First frost is always by the end of October. I will plant my fall plants outside around the first of August giving them August/Sept/Oct to produce in cooler conditions and they are tolerant to a light frost and in some cases actually improve the taste.

      Hope this helps.

  2. So glad you are getting the rain even though it's slowing things down.

    We have our hay for the winter already and remembering last year we fed peanut hay makes me very grateful for the rain this year.


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