Friday, June 28, 2013

Thinning Apples

Our chore today has been thinning apples. Too many apples on a tree can be disastrous. The weight of too much fruit ripening causes the limbs on young apple trees to bend and eventually break, especially in high wind. Too many apples also makes for small apples. So when our apples are about the size of walnuts we thin them out. 

As you can see these apples are way too thick for the size of this tree. 

We like to thin them out to about this spacing. As you can see in this picture the tree can support this weight comfortably there are no bending branches. Also notice that all the apples are uniform in size and shape. Taking care of your tree like this not only makes sure that you have a better harvest but that your trees are healthy to bear for many years to come. 

As the year progresses we will continue to monitor the growth of the fruit removing any damaged or deformed fruit or removing fruit if we notice the branches supporting too much weight. There have even been years that we have supported the branches with boards underneath propping them up for additional support.

We certainly are glad to see all that fruit and the goats will enjoy green apples for a couple days. If we are lucky at the end of all this work we will be rewarded again with this kind of harvest.

How are your apple trees bearing this year?

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. I'm so glad that I read your post! I didn't know that apples needed thinning. This is our first year on our new homestead and it came with 9 apple trees. Thinning apples will soon be our new farm chore! Thanks.

  2. I wish that apples would grow well in our area of the country. Not going to happen. I love looking at yours. I plan on planting 1 or 2 apple trees, but just to have fresh during 'the season'.

  3. Really good looking fruit! We have a small orchard just started last year. May I ask what your spraying program is? Our peach trees have some fruit this year but not sure it's going to make it to harvest.

    1. I rarely spray my fruit. In the years since we planted out trees we probably haven't sprayed them twice. We prune, thin and fertilize.

  4. Fruits of your labor . Looking wonderful hope you have good and plentiful crops . Have a good weekend !

  5. We no longer have an apple tree but I sure do enjoy looking at yours! Beautiful!

  6. Ours are doing great this year. We moved here in the fall last year so this will be our 1st harvest as the critters (deer, coons, bear) harvested everything before we had the chance to. I also need to thin but was waiting for the June "drop" before doing so. Love all the great info you share! Thanks!


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