Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spring Babies

Our first batch of turkeys are out of the incubator

There is another batch in the incubator that should hatch next week and one of the hens is broody. Looks as if we will again have plenty of Bourbon Reds for the freezer and jars. 

The first two batches of baby bunnies were also weaned yesterday. Remember they were born during that last snowstorm : ) The mothers have already been bred for one more litter hopefully before it turns too hot. 

These are also destined for the freezer and jars.

Those cute little fluffy chicks are also growing like bad weeds and will make nice contributions to the the freezer.

We are considering setting another couple dozen eggs or hoping a hen will go broody which would be even better. Our winter meat provisions are coming along. Next on the list is the baby pigs and we have already put in our order for piglets.

How's your winter meat production coming along?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter 


  1. Our steers are fattening up on the lush pastures. Have an October date with the butcher!!! Your bunnies are cute, but I know they taste good!!!

  2. We have a steer fattening up with an October date as well, hoping to add another. Just butchered our pigs, and hope to start chicken and turkey soon. I've got a question about your rabbits. My daughter 11 yr old daughter raises English Lops, Holland Lops, New Zealand/Californian rabbits. Now hers are "pet" only and she will cry her little eyes our if we ever ate them! However after just finding your blog and looking at your rabbit harvest my husband and I want to raise meat rabbits. Of course my daughter cried at first then when we told her we would make sure they were handled by us only, so as she doesn't get attached she was okay with it. I've never had rabbit, but my husband has a lot and loves it. What kind do you raise? They are awfully cute! If I'm going to eat them I want ugly mean ones! Haha! Also, could you explain to me your butchering procedure with them and at what age you kill them. My email is if you would rather email, as I know some ppl think eating rabbits just goes a little too far. We would love to start soon! Love your blog, have been reading lots so glad I found you! We also home school and raise our own food! Nice to "meet" you!

    1. Welcome Joy! I had to laugh.."ugly, mean ones!" We have just mixed breed does and a large California buck. Years ago my daughter showed rabbits for 4-H and will go pet them when the babies come and help feed and water them but she distances herself from them emotionally. I will send some links to your email on rabbit production.



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