Saturday, June 22, 2013

Early Starts

These days our mornings start early. It makes for beautiful scenery on that walk  to the gardens.  We have had lots of red and orange in our sunrises lately. The weather channel  says it is from the smoke in the atmosphere from the fires in Colorado and New Mexico.

The spring crops are winding down. The leaf lettuce Black Seeded Simpson we have been enjoying in wilted lettuce salads. With plenty still there we pick some every morning and share with the chickens and goats. The potatoes are just going out of bloom but we have not checked for potatoes yet. The first onions we planted are just past the potatoes and are starting to size up nicely. We have another stand of onions planted over by the rhubarb in that raised bed and just set out another batch the beginning of the week. We should have a staggered harvest all during the season. The broccoli and cabbage are also starting to get a little size to them. 

We are waiting for the green onion seeds to ripen and turn dark before we gather them. 

The 100 new strawberry plants that I planted in this garden are finally growing. I pinched most of the berries off this first year and I will also remove the runners. I want the plant to concentrate on gaining size and root mass before winter. I will try to root the runners to increase my stock of new plants. Meanwhile the original raised strawberry bed, out by the rhubarb,  is winding down as the heat moves in. 

The red beans and horticulture beans are starting to bloom and the summer crops seem to be growing daily right before our eyes.

We look forward to a dry weekend and will be weeding, hoeing and mowing. Hoping your weekend is safe and productive. See ya on Monday.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter 


  1. Wonderful sunrise photo . Glad that all is growing well there . Everything looks great hope you have a good harvest this year . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend.

  2. CQ,

    Beautiful sunrise and garden.

  3. Oh...your garden is gorgeous. I am glad you are getting to enjoy the food out of it. A rabbit came and at some of the tops off of our beets. But my husband says we will plant more anyways. Your garden looks so healthy and happy. Ours does, too. I hope we get to enjoy all the veggies this summer. Thanks for letting me enjoy y our wonderful blog.


  4. What an absolutely gorgeous sunrise! While I realize your gardens are work, you have a beautiful place there. Hope you enjoy your day!


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