Thursday, May 30, 2013

Work Continues On The Goat Shed

As time allows, in between mowing and gardening, we continue to work on our goat shed addition. The original front part of this building houses the chickens on one side and a small room on the other that the baby goats have grown up in. Now that they are big goats we have been working on this new addition added to the back of the original structure. It will be partitioned down the middle and will provide two new pens. Each with a door, window and it's own fenced enclosure. The best part is that everything has been either foraged or recycled. The neighbor had a barn blow down last year and in exchange for my husband helping to tear down the debris was given the materials that built this structure so it has cost us nothing so far but labor. I have a 5 gallon bucket of red barn paint on order to complete this project and it still needs doors and some trim but for the most part is done. Once that is done the pens will be sprayed with vinegar and pressure washed and I have several sacks of lime to whitewash the interiors.  

In between rains we dig holes and set posts for the enclosures. With this project completed this will actually give us four total pens and two of those extra pens completed for whatever we happen to have that needs one. All four pens will have their own fenced in area and a barn/shed area for bedding down at night. We have some used wire that was given to us and some that we have already purchased for another project long ago. It won't be anything fancy but it will be nice to have extra pens to separate animals if necessary. Sometimes that odd animal that is injured requires separation from the flock or maybe that mama hen with chicks. This allows us that room.

As you see we still have much work to do and our summer is pretty well planned out between gardening, canning, mowing, painting, and fence building. Last week we had grandchildren on three different days as well. We are not as fast as we once were on getting chores like this done but are thankful that we still can. We always manage to have more projects than we do summer weather! 

How are your summer projects coming?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter     


  1. Looks good!

    I hear you about not being as fast as we once were! We had all 4 grandkids here yesterday and 2 overnight, including the baby. Kinda takes it out of us.

    The guy I bought hay from is 76; he says it takes him half a day to do what he used to do in an hour. But he stays at it.

  2. I think the shed and pen looks great! Things always look better when you know you've done it yourself and even better when it's not cost anything but your own time.

  3. My on going project, besides the vegetable garden, is taming my flower beds and that seems to take FOREVER!!! We are slowing down, also.

    I did get out and dig some tick seed coreopsis, purple and yellow cone flowers and some Mexican primrose to take to our daughter in Independence MO tomorrow. That also took FOREVER!!! LOL....

    I hope you show your goat shed when you get it painted. Your place looks tidy and I know how hard it is to make and keep it that way.

    Guess we all just have to keep on keeping on!!!
    Faithfully gardening and quilting in NW Arkansas.

  4. we are still getting too much rain too, so hard to get the garden set up-though my big pots of veggies are doing well


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