Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Times Of Plenty

Our spring here was running pretty cool overall and really wet as springs go. And at the least 4 weeks late  too! But the work continues with our first crops starting to roll in.  My days are filled with almost daily asparagus gatherings to be trimmed, washed, blanched, frozen and vacuum sealed. 

On this particular day we added rhubarb to the harvest list.

Once the rhubarb is trimmed, it is washed and cut into about 1 inch chunks. 

From there it goes on baking sheets to be frozen.  The frozen chunks are easily broken apart.

Once frozen it is vacuum sealed in bags.

Since I already have rhubarb in jars, in bags in the freezer and strawberry rhubarb pie filling in the freezer this is going into gallon bags. When time permits, later in the year, I will be making rhubarb wine from this fruit. 

Since I have already put up some asparagus in canning jars the harvests are being frozen now for use during the winter. It is washed, trimmed and blanched once it makes it in the house. 

Once blanched, drained and cool to the touch I place it on baking sheets and freeze it overnight. 

Then the frozen spears are placed in vacuum bags and sealed, then labeled and then they go into the freezer. So again I am making regular additions to my freezer and the preparations for winter 2013/2014 begin. Some contributions to my freezer are by multiple gallons at one time and others are 4 to 5 bags added every day or two. They all add up to the same thing for my family though. The ability to open a freezer, jar, or pantry door at any given time and have healthy, home grown food readily available.  

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Beautiful harvests! Finally you guys are getting some decent weather :)

  2. Looks like a pretty good haul so far ! Hope your crops all do well this year ! Thanks for sharing. Have a good day !

  3. I've just found you and am smitten! Be back often. Am at work so do not even dare look at your quilts tab. Uh oh. :)

  4. Gorgeous pics of your produce.. pure heaven!

    Do you have a blog on harvesting your asparagus & rhubarb? I've been wondering how often to harvest the rhubarb.. So far I've been doing ok but Im not 100% about how ruthless I can be with my plants.

  5. Can't wait to hear about the rhubard wine! The asparagus looks great.

  6. We are not able to do much gardening at this time, but am very grateful for our deep freeze. I am still waiting for some decent looking corn to come in at the local farm stand.
    blessings, jill

  7. I guess it's because I'm a man, but the only thing that I think of when I hear rhubarb is PIE!
    I do love pie and I bet you bake a mean rhubarb pie.
    Steve :)

  8. I know this comment is late, but having laying hens of my own, I just had to let you know I noticed the large egg in the background. HA HA

  9. I know this comment is late, but having laying hens of my own, I just had to let you know I noticed the large egg in the background. HA HA


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