Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blessings Bestowed

The snow has melted, the temperatures are slowly climbing, the mud on the dirt road out front is knee deep  but we have survived our May Day storm. And wonder of wonders as we pick up broken tree limbs the apple trees are still blooming.

Notice that the blossoms are brown around the edges, burned by the snow and cold but still there reaching for that blessed sunshine.Will they make apples? Only time will tell but it's looking hopeful.

The bees are back working the blossoms.

And life goes on. The blossoms a little battle scarred but fighting to survive. A beautiful sight to this old gardener.

And even more hope for those trees that had not bloomed out completely. Maybe I will have apples this year after all : ) 
 As for the peaches we will see if the trees hold their fruit or drop it. If it continues to develop we know we are safe. The plums sadly will not make fruit. But the grapes and blackberries look good and the strawberries are blooming.

Just another spring in The Holler.......

Now if it would just quit raining long enough to get all the grass mowed : )

Blessings from Hickery Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Glad you still have a potential fruit harvest :)

  2. hurray! We had some big trees down after high winds this winter. One is down from the neighbor , on the property line, landing partly on a very old apple tree on our side. This old embattled tree has not even blossomed in ages but yesterday I took a look and it is covered in blossoms. Guess having the tree fall on what was left of it woke it up a bit! We still have a huge pine to get down, it fell into another pine and there it is balanced, on the side lawn looking precarious. always something. we are supposed to get rain over the next few days, the ground is dryer than normal (normal being like you, knee deep in sucking mud in May). I haven't checked the wild black berry bushes yet, we lost all the berries to a 5 week dry spell last summer, but then we got a bumper crop of elderberries to make up for the blackberries. Any minute the ferns will pop thru and I'll get my wonderful crop of fiddleheads. We have only a few days to pick, they grow so fast. Enjoy the rainy day ahead, I know I will. Those days are meant for sewing and relaxing before the serious gardening starts.

  3. Beautiful apply blossoms!

  4. Your fruit trees look glorious . . . isn't spring wonderful. New beginnings, new life . . . spring is full of hope and possibilities. I'm so happy that your wind storm is over and that things are looking up :)
    God bless you, your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. So glad the blooms are still there! Hopefully fruit will set.


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