Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Life of a Jar Lid

At this house everything is recycled or repurposed before we even think of sending it to the trash or recycle bins. Jar lids are no different. They start out life as they are intended on canning jars of hot food. I do not use lids more than once for this purpose although I have read of people that do. 

I have been known to use jar lids a second time on dehydrated food with an oxygen absorber. 

Used lids are great for storing lettuce and other foods in the fridge. For me lettuce and other fresh produce keeps so much longer this way. I also use jars for storing pasta, rice and other food items in my pantry and used lids are great for this. 

And my newest use for old lids. Garden markers!

O Wise One drilled holes in some and made some small wire hooks to go into the ground to hold them. A paint pen or permanent marker and you have perfect markers for your rows. 

Anyone else have a creative use for all those old jar lids feel free to add it to the comments. 

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  1. I recycle too, just never thought of these tips-thanks love the garden markers

  2. I end up with a box full of used lids every year. All the jars we pull off the shelves and use during the winter months get washed and stored for the next season. The lids go in the box to be used for other things. We use ours for dry foods also, plus about a hundred other different things. I still end up with more lids than I know what to do with. I like the lettuce idea though, I have never tried that so thanks.

  3. I have saved mine as well for storing dry items. I have read on pinterest about storing lettuce in jars and have never done it yet. Glad to know that it really does work. I will definitely be doing that!

  4. Great post! I use so many of my lids again for freezing our foods in jars. It's funny to read the different years and uses on each lid! "Roasted Filberts 05" plus N (for Nectarine) 04, and now just 2/12/13 for butter. The stories those lids could tell.

    Love the plant tag :)

  5. I saw a picture once where someone shingled the roof of their chicken coop with them! Beautiful!

  6. Pin cushions! Tutorial on thetwistedstitcher.com

  7. What a cute idea for the garden... I'll have to remember that one this summer..

    I reuse my jar lids on jars of water that I'll put in my canner when I have empty spaces in it to keep jars from knocking around. If they seal, great.. I put them on my shelf for canned bottled water. If they dont seal, its no big deal. I rarely buy bottled water (only for a party) so this is a win win for me.

  8. Great tips, everyone. Thank you!

  9. Fold the used up lids in half. They make a very reactive target for BB guns and/or air rifles.

    Also, they are a type of steel. Pre-target, or post-target, Recycle!!

  10. I have made toddler toys for my grandchildren using old canning lids and the lids from frozen orange juice. They love to drop them into an old Huggies Wipes box--keeps them entertained for quite a while.


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