Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yep It's Spring At My House

Cause the house is buzzing.......

 And the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap is in the air....

The dishwasher is humming with a load of plates.......

O Wise One is taking down registers and cleaning them.....

I'm telling ya now NOTHING is sexier than a man that cleans : )

The sink is full of soapy water, crocks and coffee pots, and copper molds  while the tops of the cabinets get washed down and the walls up there too!

 And the shower is full of plastic greenery.....

And everything smells wonderful.....

My wooden cabinets sparkle.....with tightened knobs and oiled hinges too!

Everything smells clean and fresh

Don't tell them it's not really spring yet,

It's our little secret..

Tomorrow the insides of the cabinets and the walls. 

 I love a clean house!!

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Wonderful.

    Please send one quart of that energy of yours dehydrated so all I have to do is add water...right away!

  2. I keep saying I would love a vacation at your house and learn as much as I can but after this I think you need to come teach me at my house .what energy yall have !!

  3. My house smells like Murphy's Oil Soap, too. When I was growing up, we scrubbed the white woodwork with Spick and Span. Had to laugh at your 'sexy' man comment. Mine was up over the stove last Monday washing the cabinets and then replaced the range hood as the fan had just simply stopped after 12 years. He looked pretty good up, too. Happy spring from my house to your house!!!

    1. Look at all the people in these comments that use Murphy's oil soap. LOL! I can remember as a kid going to help clean the little country church that we attended. My job was always helping the ladies wipe down the wooden pews with the stuff....

  4. Wish I had the energy to do it all at one time like you. I agree that a clean house just 'feels' good!

  5. And just think...this afternoon and tomorrow, it's going to be warm enough to open windows and let some fresh air in! I can hardly wait!

  6. I had to laugh because I just bought a bottle of Murphy's on Monday in prep for my major washdown. I wish they sold a bottle of energy because I'm going to need that as well. I'm itching to start, but have to wait until Saturday because I'm keeping my grandbaby who is almost 2. If you climb up to clean she's right behind you! Your pictures are definitely inspirational.

    1. There is no way I would get any cleaning done with the grandkids. Baby Hank my two year old grandson would never tolerate that anyway. When he comes to grandma and grandpas it is always play time.

  7. I agree with you regarding a man who cleans is sexy... Mine used to.. till the kids were in highschool.. ;) Sigh.. Owell hes great in other ways. ;)

  8. Hey, has O Wise One lost a bunch of weight? He looks great! Tell me the secret!

    1. He has and he will be tickled that someone noticed. I cut down on the sweets to baking one thing a week and am rationing the fresh bread. A few minutes everyday on the treadmill helps also.

  9. Oh thanks for the laugh. I started spring cleaning on Monday, and love the smell of Murphys Oil Soap. My husband is on spring break next week....his honey do list is ready. He tried to convince me that alittle dust and dirt add character. What planet does he think I live on;-) LOL
    blessings, jill


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