Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Natives Are Restless

Look what was hiding under all that snow! With early signs of spring it seems every animal on the farm gets a little silly. 

Rocky and Bullwinkle sure are eyeing them daffodils and are ready to be back out grazing weeds. With almost 4 weeks of snow cover they have missed the grass. Although we have plenty of hay they still miss their grazing. These two young withers are better than weed eaters and take a lot less gas. 

Look at this handsome young fellow all fluffed up and strutting.  He is the last remaining young one from last years turkey hatch so he is not even a year old. I sold most of my young birds on Craig's List. A lady had called and wanted to purchase him then didn't show up to pick him up. I cannot put him in with his daddy because they will fight and I am scared the larger gobbler will injure him. So for now he is in a pen by himself. He is an awful lonely fellow. Maybe I will try listing him again and find him a honey. Anyone out there local needing a young Bourbon Red gobbler let me know. 

And these two young hooligans are confined to the kennel when not under close human supervision. They have been digging in the garden, the compost pile, chewing hoses and just all around up to no good. I had forgotten how much fun it is training young and energetic farm puppies. They have a lot of discipline yet to learn. Although we have started them young on the leash training and basic commands they still need lots of work : ) 

They are not real fond of time out and look pretty pitiful don't they !!

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. Those puppies are just precious. Looks like spring is upon you!

  2. Oh look at the puppies... They grow so fast!

    So lucky that you have flowers already!

  3. Keeping the goats and the dogs up!!!! You are such a mean mom...kidding.

    I understand.

    Princess preferred the roses and domestic bushes to anything wild. Her favorite was flower buds.

    I have remnants of a football floating around the yard and most of my dogs are over a year! The terrier is some of them never goes away with age. I think Squigs is seven and still burrows for those moles. As long as he is catching, we just fill in the holes.

    Your animals are beautiful.

  4. I love the natives.. Great photos.. The pups look pitiful indeed.. They remind me of a few sorta-grand-kids I know when they've been set down. ;)

  5. Oh my gosh, look at those faces! They look SO unhappy. Adorable. Good luck training them, I am so glad to know that they've made it so far.

    Your goat boys are beautiful, by the way. I love the stick the one on the right has hanging out of his mouth. So casual!

  6. Your puppies are so adorable!


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