Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Little Orphans

Marlowe and Moxie came home from the veterinarian after the death of their mother, tiny with their eyes closed and less than a day old. Able to fit into a small plastic dishpan, totally helpless and requiring feeding with a bottle around the clock they were hard and time consuming work. But a labor of love.  

Lots of bottles and midnight feedings.

Seems like the next thing you knew they were the cutest little butterballs toddling around my house leaving little surprises and chewing on EVERYTHING!

And now they are giant babies who think they are still lap dogs. Moxie (the lighter female) has a thing about always touching you. Notice in the picture she is touching O Wise Ones' foot. Some part of her body always has to be touching! They spend most of their time outside these days weather permitting and even in the kennel. They have already discovered that there are bunnies in the fields and woods and venture into the wilds to investigate. But their favorite place is laid out on the kitchen rug in front of a warm oven hoping something good will hit the ground as we come through the kitchen. 

Just to be thorough Moxie guards the refrigerator door regularly. That magic box has good stuff in it and you are not getting in there without her.

They definitely are not babies any longer but rather long legged, droopy eared hound dogs. Marlowe is definitely a porch dog in the making. He practices his porch sleeping techniques regularly. Looking at them you would never know that they were orphan puppies and never once had their mothers milk. 

Now if I could just convince Baby O that they really are hound dogs and not siblings. If she had her way they would be in the bed with her every night. That girl better find her a husband that likes hound dogs...and goats.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. You've done a great job, grandmama of dogs and others. Have fun training for whatever good services these 2 will offer you.

  2. They are growing up so beautifully! There is nothing better than farm babies & these two are some of the sweetest I've seen. Thanks for giving us updates on them. wishing you many years of joy with them.

  3. Oh My! So cute! This post makes me anxious for puppies again:)

  4. They are so sweet. I bet they are going to be even more fun once warm weather arrives!

  5. They are beautiful pups. What is their genetic makeup? I'm sure there is Lab but what else?

  6. Very good looking young dogs! I especially like Moxie.


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