Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Everything Old Is New Again

The old garden hat is looking pretty ratty! Since chemotherapy I am extremely susceptible to sun burn. As a result of this I am always with sunglasses and never without a hat. When it is windy though I spend half my time chasing them and in my neck of the woods it is almost always windy. So I had to find an alternative for those windy days.

And I had to look no further than Baby O's hope chest. 

This was O Wise One's great grandmother's bonnet. Grandma Martha had immigrated from Indiana with her circuit riding preacher father. She came across the country in a covered wagon with 7 brothers and sisters and her parents. She later married Grandpa Bill fresh out of the Civil war complete with his 40 acres and a mule compliments of the United States government for services rendered. Only problem was he had to go to this place in the middle of nowhere called Missouri to claim it. 

Grandma Martha always wore one of these sun bonnets and in most pictures she has one on. My husband was lucky enough to inherit one of her sunbonnets in his aunts hope chest. And as Baby O points out complete with DNA deposits. (sweat stains Eeeewww) As you can see by the fading and sweat stains this thing was worn often. Now there are many patterns on the Internet for sunbonnets but I like this one because there is a pocket on the back of the bonnet for a drawstring. This is handy because if you have thick hair or long hair in a bun you can adjust the size of the back portion of the bonnet. This one when I found it actually had what looked like cotton butcher twine used to gather it.   

I was actually able to reproduce the bonnet from just looking at it and didn't even have to take it apart. 

No more chasing that darn hat because I can tie this puppy down. And a pattern traced to make as many as I need. I think I will make one more at the least so that I can wash one and wear one. The original bonnet is tucked back safely in tissue paper in Baby O's cedar chest.

Won't I just be quite the sight with my green bonnet on my green tractor mowing fields : )

I think the next one I will make in yellow to match my Cub mower. LOL

The neighbors will probably be ready to commit me : )

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I love the bonnet! I hope you post a picture this summer of you wearing it while perched atop the tractor!
    It is important for all of us to ward off the sun rays. I just had 2 appointments with the dermatologist and had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my back.
    Stay well!

  2. I can't wait to see the picture of you wearing it...:) I love it!!!!!!

  3. Who cares what the neighbors think !I think you would look awesome in the bonnet and on the tractor . I do like your straw hat . I wear one in the summer as well especially when gardening ! Photos please in the summer of you in your bonnet on the tractor ! Thanks for sharing and have a good day !

  4. I wear bonnets and I have mine with a flap that hangs down below the tie in the back to cover my neck, it works great to keep off the black flies. we have no neighbors close enough to spy but even if we did, I don't care much about fashion and my dear daughter who may be embarrassed is now out on her own! I do fold back the entire brim though to about half the width, it is not as windy or dusty out here in upstate NY as it was in the west where these became classic fashion. Spending today nursing my sick farm man (and you know he is sick when he agrees to stay in bed and let someone else jog our horses)and pouring over seed catalogs.

    1. Seed catalogs...my favorite. I don't really get too concerned about fashion although the neighbors do pick on me sometimes about my attire while mowing. It can get pretty creative. I have seen the ones with the flaps and considered making one of those too : )

  5. I am on the hunt for just the right hat for my hubby...the sun will be TOO MUCH VERY SOON IN SOUTH ALABAMA. He's just past his #6 Chemo treatment and getting a brief break before more and even tho for now, his hair is beginning to come back he'll need to be cautious..That's a good size brim-will work better than the bonnet for him i imagine lol.
    Re the BONNET..i recall my own Gramma always wearing hers Always..wish someone had saved one of those WHAT A TREASURE!

    Like Gramma's House

    1. Will keep hubby in my prayers Jonell! I tolerated the sun pretty well until chemo and now I can not take it at all even 5 years later.

    2. His name is Ted Harrison...but then God knows doesn't He?
      thanks..we STILL need the prayer; I pray your greatest needs will be met in a way that God gets the Praise -

  6. Bonnets are almost as handy as pockets.

    Fantastic job and I love the history that goes with it.


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