Sunday, February 17, 2013

Domestic Contentment

Early most mornings the frost lie heavily on the ground. We have been getting the occasional rain for which we are thankful. Although not enough to break this awful drought we know that every inch will bring us closer to it being over hopefully. This week has been full of news of snowstorms in the northeast and horrible storms and tornadoes in the south. We hunker down to wait out whatever is left of winter. We are content in the knowledge that the days are lengthening and we are starting to see the signs of early spring. The robins have returned and the chickens have started to lay regularly again. The egg drawer in my refrigerator is again full of the ladies contribution to our larder. 

My days are spent catching up on ironing, sewing and quilting. The family room is full of the whir of the sewing machines kept in time by the rhythm of the old clock. A gift from my late mother almost 40 years ago. It joyfully marks the passing of the dreary winters through the years, chiming every half hour to let me know when it is time to go finish cooking supper.   

I am surrounded by the things owned by the people that I love and remember. Remnants of a simpler life of the past generations of my family. Grandma's sewing machine still sews beautifully almost a century later. Above it hangs my mama's button box on the wall. A wooden chest of small drawers for buttons, pins, thimbles and small sewing supplies.

I sit in the old oak rocking chair beneath my mothers cypress quilt frame happily stitching away the hours and weeks. Listening to the audio bible, a gift from my husband, so that I can listen to my bible while I quilt. Waiting.....

Waiting for that first day of spring when the daffodils will again burst forth and bloom. The song birds will return and again I will bury my hands in the dark warm earth of my garden. But for now I nurture my little seedlings under the lights and dream of warmer days to come.  

For now I am content. Even with predictions of snow again next week. For today the sun is shining and it is in the 50's outside. 

Content to sew, content with the smell of  a venison stew bubbling in a cast iron pot on the back of the stove. For now I will be satisfied with the green plants in my windows and my puppies curled up at my feet. Baby O down stairs at the old oak kitchen table doing school work. 

After all Spring is coming! We will again smell the peach and apple blossoms and hear the buzz of the bees working the trees.

Are you ready?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. your quilts are amazing and that venison stew look delicious!

  2. I love spring and I'm ready, but you are right it is still always hard to give up the comforts, the quiet, and the contentment that winter work brings.

  3. You make it sound so magical. You have such joy and spirit it is lifting just to read your words. Thank you.

  4. Love it all, especially the sewing machine, the quilting rack, the button box & the thread holder. But those quilts just make me drool! :)

  5. Your quilts are beautiful. We live in suburbia and I always tell my husband I wish we lived a simpler life. The simpler life is sure a lot of good hard work! Thanks for giving us a peak into your world thru your awesome blog.

  6. Being content is hard for many people, yet so simple for those who experience it. It's always refreshing to read of a person who lives with it.

  7. Beautiful post I thought I was reading a lovely country book here ! The way you describe it all is how I grew up on our farm it brought back so many memories of my mum and all she did .As I sit here and read this my grandmother clock on our wall pendulum is tick toking away and chimes every half hour as well I have always loved these clocks I find them calming. I to am awaiting spring our Robins returned last week . Beautiful quilts . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  8. Contentment is beautiful isn't it? Love your quilts.

  9. CQ, you always make things looks so simple.
    I'm so ready for Spring, I can't wait to work in the garden.

  10. What a beautiful post!! You made me FEEL your contentment! Inspirational!!


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