Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter Jobs

In the grips of deep winter there is still plenty of work for O Wise One. It's not all sitting in front of the fire drooling over those seed catalogs. Long before we think of planting seeds the work continues but just moves indoors. Cold weather is the perfect opportunity to do those tedious jobs that require sitting indoors for long periods. 

Like the long brining process for the bacon from the last butchered hog. Frozen and then thawed to brine and smoke in January. 

Or the many hours of sitting at the table shelling walnuts

And pecans......

The food preservation jobs really extend to all year.

The incubators are plugged in and checked now that they maintain the proper temperature. Cleaned well and any parts replaced in anticipation of the spring chicks that will be hatched so they are ready to go. 

The seed mats are started for that spring lettuce insuring good spacing and reducing the thinning job.

Though the temperatures may plummet and the snowflakes may fly the work continues inside throughout the year.

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. Never a dull moment when you live off of your land is there ? Have a good day !

  2. Oh yes, what a bounty to work with. Are those lettuce seeds started, or just sitting waiting till the date you do start them? Same with long will incubation take and when do you really start them? Curious minds want to know (well, mine anyway!)

    1. Lettuce seeds are glued to seed mats in anticipation of spring thaw. Eggs will be started once the temperatures are warm enough that the small birds won't freeze outside anticipating a 26 day hatch. Also as the days get longer the number of eggs we receive each day will increase.

  3. Can you explain more about the "seed mats"? How to prepare, how to use, etc.

    1. I will repost about seed mats! Thanks for visiting


  4. When you have a farm the work never stops no matter the weather.
    At least your staying warm while working :-)

    I'm going to have to borrow your seed mat post for planting seeds this season.

  5. Looking forward to the seed mat post! Actually, I look forward to all of your posts. (:

    1. Posted 2 days ago and here is a link enjoy!


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