Monday, December 17, 2012

The Terror of The Holler

Most years I look forward to putting up our holiday tree. Of breaking out the stuffed animals, toys and crocheted tree skirt for the bottom. Tis the season of brightly colored packages piled beneath a glowing tree lovingly decorated with the family ornaments. No designer tree for us but rather a mish mash of kindergarten popsicle stick ornaments that have hung on my trees for thirty years mixed with ornaments given to me by family and friends long since gone.  But this year is different from any other because the tree is bare. Not because there are no ornaments. No presents are beneath our bare tree because they are wrapped and hidden in the closet. My beloved ornaments are lovingly wrapped and remain in their plastic storage boxes. Are we boycotting the season this year. Not really! We just have inside guests this year that don't really mix well with brightly colored paper. They LOVE paper.....I mean  REALLY love paper. Love to shred it that is!

They love ribbon and bows and yarn also.

And a true treasure is an old nasty shoe. The yarn basket beside mama's chair is their roost of choice these days and all their treasures are stored there.   

Marlowe and Moxie are 5 weeks old today. They are no longer taking the bottle but have grown to solid foods now. They now go outdoors regularly to try to train them to potty.  They hate the dog kennel box and whine constantly when you shut them up. Eventually these babies will be big dogs judging by the size of their bone structure. Eventually they will have to go outside to the dog house. We may have put an extra cot in there for Baby O. 

We will never convince these two they are dogs..

There will be no beautiful pictures of a shiny tree this year from this farm. The tree has already been knocked over....TWICE : ) 

Sweet Jesus give me strength !!!

Hickery Holler Farms has gone to the dogs!

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Better than presents any best present of all....:)

  2. Way to cute blog and puppies. You have done a great job raising the puppies..I am now raising a kitten found tangled in bailing wire in the barn. Kitten is doing great and named Bailey.

  3. For many years now I've settled for a very small tree on my mantle and a large picture of a tree on the wall ... I love my pets, but cats and trees just do not mix :)

  4. What a delightful reason not to have a tree! Next year they will be good and maybe they can have a stocking of their own.

    I am so glad they are flourishing. It takes two to fill the hole their mom left. You are truly blessed. They look very much like her.

  5. Oh they look wonderful and healthy, soo cute ! Ya gota do what ya gota do , they will get used to it all and know the rules . I am glad they are doing so well thanks to you ! Have a good day !

  6. What sweeties...and your picture from tree decorated in years gone by will be sufficient this year. I remember having a wire from trunk up to a nail in the wall sometimes on two walls...when cats thought how great it was to climb the tree, but I haven't ever skipped having something "greenish". There were a few years that branches were attached to the wall in the form of a tree also. I've now even made a tree out of clay, which is about 20 inches tall. Enjoy the babies! After all, it's their first Christmas!

  7. Ahh, I feel your pain. We tie the tree to the banister. In the old place I had a HUGE nail in the wall and tied the tree to it! One year my aunt sent a fruitcake (not in a tin) and didn't tell us. You can imagine what I came home to. Good luck!

  8. A shimmer of tears in my eyes and a big smile on my lips! Great post! Thank you!

  9. Somehow we forget how much work puppies really are - they are worse that babies in some ways!We have a puppy at our house this year too though she is in the kennel & not inside. Our old lab Daisy, just can't quite handle the energy of our sweet baby Lily - not that I can either.

    Your puppies are just beautiful. Forget the decorations for now & just enjoy puppyhood.

  10. Oh I would definitely go without a tree this year. The puppies are adorable!


  11. Aw. ♥
    *hugs* God bless, CQ! :o)

  12. Your post made me smile. Merry Christmas Marlowe and Moxie. You have a great Mom.

  13. The pups look great :) you have done a marvellous job of rearing them.
    I can imagine those two are getting into everything, dont blame you for not dressing the tree this year! lol


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