Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Well we've been busy beavers here on the farm. Remember that pork loin and Boston Butt O Wise One caught on sale? It's been marinating in my refrigerator in bacon cure for 10 days and it was time to smoke it. So out of the fridge it came and it was soaked out for several hours to remove some of the salt from it. Then it was ready for the smoker. 

The entire front porch smelled of Hickory and bacon!

It was smoked several hours before it reached an internal temperature of 140 degrees. Then the meat was removed from the smoker and allowed to cool.

The smoked loin resembled Canadian bacon while the pork butt resembled more of a lean bacon. The small pieces were chunked small for beans and seasoning. Great for casseroles, omelets and potato soup.

The larger pieces are sliced with the electric slicer for the freezer. This smoked loin greatly resembles Canadian bacon. 

The pork butt makes a VERY lean bacon.

Once sliced it then goes into vacuum bags and into the freezer to later become hot breakfasts on cold winter mornings. Some will be used to can some pork and beans which is still on my to do list before winter.

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  1. I've got to try this! My dad used to cure hams and such. Do you have any helpful information on how to do it? I have a smoker and have been itching to try something new.

  2. What time is breakfast? I'll even be happy to do the dishes! Looks yummy.
    Truly, I love your blog and read it quite reqularly.
    I can between 1000 to 1400 jars of food a year. Grind my own flours and cook from scratch.
    Just purchased 60 acres. I am a young 62 year old widow. Planning on building a home and gardens
    next year. Will be raising grass fed beef and maybe pigs.
    Thank you for your blog

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