Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekend Temperatures Plummet

Cold weather has again arrived to Hickery Holler. The smell of wood smoke is in the air as neighbors light their fireplaces and wood stoves. It is now too cold to leave the doors and windows open to enjoy those last days of mild temperatures before the first freeze. 

It makes for a busy season as O Wise One has started construction on a goat addition for the goat kids, Rocky and Bullwinkle. He is amazed at how much they eat down the weedy areas and he ties them out everyday, bringing them in at night and locking them in the old feed room. I am afraid they have outgrown their room though, so he has decided to build them an addition. This should keep them nice and warm during the cold winter months as the snow starts to fly.

We are down to the last 6 young turkeys,  having sold 6 to neighbors and the remaining 6 are now on craigslist. Hoping to find them a new home maybe in time for Thanksgiving. This cool weather has them fluffing up and strutting even at their young ages.  Once these are gone that will leave us with only the original adult flock to overwinter.

The black walnuts are starting to fall and everyday I go out and collect them to try to beat that pesky squirrel to them.

Pork and Beans are also enjoying the cooler weather and O Wise One has moved them to new pasture. They are enjoying green grass and new digs. We are hoping to send them to the slaughter house by the end of next month. 

Much of the week was spent mowing grass under the nut trees and mulching plants that need a little extra protection for the winter months.

There are still lots of blooms on the mums but if it freezes I doubt they open. The Autumn Joy Sedum are beautiful though.  

I have started gathering the seeds and cutting the annuals to go to the compost piles.

It is so sad to watch the flowers die back but I know they will be back next year as they always are.  Maybe there will be more moisture next year for them and they will not have to struggle so through the hot months. 

We continue to clean, weed, mow and compost both the ornamental beds around the house and the gardens. Applying fresh straw and compost  to both to rot down over the long winter. I must admit I am ready for a rest from both garden and yard work and canning even though I do continue to do some light canning over the winter. Nothing like high canning season though. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. I can hear in the distance... the call of the quilt frame. A sirens song calling me home. 

And until Monday...

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Have a blessed Sunday, CQ! Thanks for sharing all your great pictures with us, too. :o)

  2. You have such a beautiful farm. I love the photos that you share. Thank you!

  3. Fantastic pictures of all the things I need to be doing.

    Have a great day.

  4. I love looking at your pics, CQ!


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