Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Colors

The rain has returned again to Hickery Holler. Most of Wednesday afternoon we watched scattered showers move through the area. It is so good to see the grass green again and it makes such a beautiful foreground for the golden and red colors of autumn. The views of the different storm clouds going through against the green grass and fall colors made for some breath taking views from the porch down into the holler. 

And the Mums have decided to join the Fall show themselves. We know that soon all this color will be gone. Replaced by the browns and grays of winter. 

But for today it is Fall! 

We will don those flannel shirts and dig out those heavy socks and enjoy what the season has to offer.

We are enjoying the smells of sweet potato pies!

And the bite of those Fall turnips and greens again.

Pecans, walnuts and hickery nuts.

And did I mention the colors?

And baked sweet potatoes.

Any day the geese will return, the Snows, Blues and Canadians. Along with them will come the eagles. Halloween is right around the corner and everyone has their decorations out. Jack o lanterns everywhere and witches galore. It is still a busy time here at the farm as we continue to weed, mulch and clean the gardens and prepare them for winter. The canning is winding down now. I have completed my apples, sweet potatoes and butternut squash. I have finished freezing my chopped onions and maybe next month will can some more jars of beans for chili and such over the winter. My rabbits, chickens and turkeys are in the freezer or jars and we still have pigs to butcher. 

But for today I am just going to watch it rain and enjoy the colors.   

How are the colors in your back yard?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter

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  1. Our colors are amazing here in Clay county, WV! Chilly nights and fire in the wood stove. Rain predicted for tomorrow but the animals are snug and so are we. Life is good!


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