Friday, September 28, 2012

Preserving Onions

With lots of onions in storage I know that inevitably I will have to preserve some of them for future use. We eat many fresh but there are always those that start to get soft or have bad spots in them. So I check them regularly and the ones that I think won't keep come into the house.

Then they are peeled and chopped at the kitchen table by hand

From there some are dehydrated........

And stored in clean canning jars with oxygen absorbers

And the remainder are put into plastic bags and frozen for future use as well. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Thanks for the reminder to work on my onions!

    Come link up to the carnival of Home Preserving lady. lol You said to remind you. lol

  2. I've noticed a couple of times in your dehydrating photos what looks like parchment paper under items that will get small. Do I see that correctly? I have never thought of doing that. Does it take longer to dehydrate items with less airflow?

    1. The parchment paper helps to keep small pieces from falling through the mesh. It does take a little longer to dehydrate but atleast I don't have to sweep half of it off the floor when I pull the rack out : )

  3. Thanks, I'm currently canning pears, then want to get some onions chopped and dehydrating (on back porch) after that.

  4. I have a dehydrator and never knew you could do this! I put lots of store bought dried onions in my greenbeans. My kids INSIST that they're in there ha! I will definitely be doing this - come summer! Thanks again for the wealth of knowledge!


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