Saturday, September 15, 2012

Green Again

After months of looking at brown we are finally green again. Just in time for what few leaves are left to fall and everything to turn brown again. They are forecasting 30 degree temperatures for northern Missouri for next week. We shall see. With a possibility of frost in the near future we scramble to complete garden and canning chores. 

Preparing winter squash for storage. We wipe them down with a mild bleach solution before storing to prevent mildew. 

  We've already had that first pumpkin pie this week. No fall is complete without pumpkin pie..

Collecting, drying and packaging seeds for winter storage as well.....

Canning the last of the tomato sauce.

Butchering rabbits for the freezer.

And yes trying to keep baby goats out of the house. Seems that Baby O wants to make house goats of them. This is what I found in the downstairs bathroom!!!

I wonder if they allow goats in college dorms?

See ya next week.....

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Haha. They'd be easy blame for missing homework. ;o)

    Will be waiting to see if you get that frost...

    Everything looks great. Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. I have quite a few spaghetti squash that I want to store. I wash them in a mild bleach solution, dry them off and store in buckets in the basement? I you have any more detail, please let me know.

    Does this also pertain to acorn squash? Most of mine are doing fine in the a/c but I noticed a couple turning yellow. Maybe they won't do this downstairs? I was going to dehydrate them if they won't store as well.

    1. My butternut I wipe with a mild bleach solution allow to dry on the porch and then place single layer in shallow boxes. These I store upstairs in a cool room in the bottom of a closet. I allow to age for several weeks before I eat any and since I have so many this year I think I may cube some and can them.

      As far as acorn squash I have never grown them but I have heard that they do not store as well.


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