Monday, September 24, 2012

Apples After All

This spring our fruit trees were loaded with blossoms and young fruit. As the drought that gripped most of the Midwest set in much of the fruit shriveled and fell to the the sweltering daily 100 plus degree days with no rain in the forecast. There were no plums left or peaches. We did manage a harvest of strawberries, grapes and blackberries. Of our three apple trees only one has managed to retain it's fruit and produce despite the drought. Although the fruit is small they are crisp and delicious cooking apples and we are thankful to have any at all.  For those of you just starting out this is why you plant several different varieties of apple when planning your orchards.

So right now my days are filled with the smell of apples and spices drifting through the house. Canned apples are on the agenda as I still have some apple pie filling in the freezer from last year.

Since I have large mature trees those apples are rolling in right now by the 5 gallon bucket full so I should have plenty to can into all my favorite recipes. But I am almost out of applesauce as that is the grandson's favorite. Above is some brown sugar, honey and cinnamon applesauce. Once I am done with all the applesauce I will do a post with recipes. 

You can find my tutorial here on canning applesauce

Go to my canning page and you can find posts on many of the past apple harvest and ways that I preserve them. I can pie filling.... 

During the winter I love these dehydrated apples in my oatmeal along with honey.

Dehydrated apple chips are great snacks....

And who can resist those fresh apple pies!

What do you do with your fresh apples?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Yumm! I would love some fresh apples right now!

  2. I just finished processing about 300 lbs of Gala apples from one tree. Apple sauce, butter, slices, cubes, puree, dried apple rings for snacks...

    My house smells so good!

  3. I know where I would like to be right now :-)
    I love the smell of apples cooking and so miss having apple trees.
    We used to have several up north in Michigan, now we have none.
    I'm going to check out your canning recipes for apples.

  4. Congratulations, CQ. Have fun! :o)

  5. Fresh apples, guess it has to be pie time :)

    1. Fresh apple pie is a big hit around my house !


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