Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dried Beans

We've been picking peas daily. They are drying on the bushes ans easy to shell. We are pulling the bushes for compost and cleaning out that area of the garden.

Once I shell them they are placed on trays and put in the sun to dry. With 90 and 100 degree days it doesn't take but just a few days to completely dry them. 

Once I completely dry them then they go into jars for storage.  

Then I place them in the freezer for a few days to freeze and kill any bugs or bug larvae that may be in there. Once they have been in the freezer for about 5 days then I take them out and just store them on a shelf in the pantry. They can be eaten as dried beans or used for seeds at that point. Should have plenty of pea seeds for next year.  Since I have quite a few jars of field peas canned these will more than like likely be used as seeds. 

How do you store dried beans?

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  1. Another fabulous idea learned from this blog. Freezing the beans for a few days to kill larvea. Thanks Again.

  2. So industrious-when you say "DRIED BEANS" i recall my growing up in the rural south/Georgia farm country for real..dried beans were a regular part of the diet. Today it's one of my favorite homemade soup bases..almost any kind of white bean often navy beans the end product being at least as good as what Ruby Tuesdays Rest offers up on their menu: "White Brean Chili Chicken soup. YUMMO~~



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