Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daily Farm Journal

Tuesday Night July 3rd, 2012

O Wise One had an appointment early this morning so I was a solo act today.

O what a day this has been! Shucked, cleaned, blanched and froze 34 ears of corn on the cob and 8 quarts of frozen whole kernel corn.  

Mucked out the pig pen this morning and put down fresh straw. My two little fattening piglets are growing like bad weeds : )

Watered the new row of horticulture beans that are coming up and the new cucumber plants early this morning before daylight.. 

Pulled 1/3 of the onion row and hung them over the fence to dry. Tomorrow hoping to lay them out in the shed to cure before I chop them for the freezer.

I have a cookout planned with my two daughters and their families and guests. We are doing ribs which are marinating as we speak. As sides we are going to have fresh freezer slaw, fresh corn on the cob, fresh baked potatoes out of the garden and cold watermelon.  Later that evening we have been invited to a second potluck at a friends house. So lots of festivities and fun all around. 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and above all safe Fourth of July celebration and I hope to be back to blogging on Thursday. 

Until then....

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Your corn looks wonderful. How do you get all the silks off of them so completely? I always have trouble with that part of shucking them.

  2. Happy Fourth of July To You And Yours!
    The corn looks fabulous, and the description of your BBQ sounds tasty!

  3. I just recently found your blog and I love it. I always wanted to live on a farm, but God probably knew I wasn't organized enough to handle it! :) I used to love visiting my aunt's and uncle's farm when I was a child - your blog today brought back memories of summer days there. God bless you as you work hard and live to the fullest each day!

    1. So glad you found us and hope you visit often in the future.


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