Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Daily Farm Journal

Wednesday July 18th, 2012

As usual up with the sun and outside to the garden and animals. Picked squash today. We are picking squash almost everyday now. Still working on controlling the cucumber beetles. Some days I think I am winning and then they seem to multiply overnight. Not quite sure who will win the war but the battles are on going. 

Temperature today 105. And on top of that a hot wind blowing all day. Nothing dries out the plants quicker. The weather man did announce this morning that we are in a sever drought. I wanted to throw my coffee cup at the TV. Wonder how long he went to school to figure that out?  

Red beans are drying on the bush but not ready to pick again yet. The field peas are also starting to dry and soon I will be canning them also. Will freeze some and put some in jars.

Bagged squash, zucchini, and broccoli from yesterday.

Pressure canned 5 quarts of chicken stock from yesterday and started making grape juice. 28 quart jars so far. 

O Wise One and Baby O went to the fair for most of the afternoon to help with the concession stand for 4-H. I held down things on the home front.  

I have had a productive but exhausting day and think I will make an early night of it.

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. Until we get our own chickens, I like to buy broiled chickens at the grocery and use them to practice my broth making skills.

    Have a blessed day! :o)

  2. My cukes are going thru the same war. I'm about ready to give up, tho--I've canned my relish and we've eaten plenty--but then I got a bitter cuke the other day. I think the heat might actually be a third party in the war....and the winner. I'm so done with it, as I know you are!

    1. With temperatures projected at 111 and above next week like you I don't know how I will ever keep everything watered and survive that heat. We are no longer planting anything until the weather breaks. Seeds if they do germinate just sit there and bake in this heat no matter how much you water. Tomatoes rot overnight and cucumber are bitter. Like You we are ready to just pull it all up and lay a mulch down and take the rest of the summer off.


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