Friday, July 6, 2012

Daily Farm Journal

Friday evening July 6th, 2012

Daytime predicted high 106. By 9 am it was sweltering and I retreated to inside. You know I usually feel pretty good for my age but this morning in this heat I felt every year of my age plus some. Even getting up before daylight doesn't work in this kind of heat.   So I have retreated to the sanctuary of my air conditioning and am so thankful a.) that i have electricity and b.) that I have air conditioning and lots of ceiling fans. A cold shower and something cool to drink. I closed all the shutters and curtains and just pretended the outside just didn't exist.  I mean really 106, that's just crazy hot. 

I did manage to get the new straw put down where I pulled up all those onions and some water really early on a patch of beans I am trying to get up. 

Then I just took some pictures for you of my garden in the early morning. 

Tomatoes languishing in the light of the rising sun.

Baby Butternut Squash

Baby Okra

Second corn crop is tasseling so we should have more corn within 10 days

And a row of zinnia, cosmos, short sunflowers and dill for the pollinators and me : )
This is the first of those blossoms 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Beautiful pictures...especially the last one!


  2. Your garden looks wonderful (despite the sweltering heat)!

  3. Pretty garden, CQ! I am loving these farm journal posts of yours. i don;t always comment but I am reading.

  4. Your sunflowers are beautiful. the blooms look really big. So do you plant your sunflowers in rows or broadcast them. My husband just broadcasted ours along the driveway & they are also short. My blooms are not as big as yours though. Also he just used the grey stripe birdseed for ours.

  5. You are right that kind of heat will take it out of you for sure! Be safe as it can sure sneak up on you!


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