Thursday, June 14, 2012


We picked 63 pounds of green beans off just two 80 foot rows. This was the second picking off those rows and there are still small green beans on the plants. Just can't beat those Jade green beans. What a great variety. Planted more field peas by the potatoes that are dying back. These are to not only feed us but also the chickens and some to till into the soil to enrich it. Also planted more horticulture beans and cucumbers over on the pea fence.   

Some of the onions are starting to lay over from the winds we have been having and I am starting to pick a few now to bring in the house to use. Soon I will start to chop these and put in bags and freeze for winter use.

I have basil drying in the dehydrator to use for seasoning and pea seeds drying outside in the sun for next year. The dill will be setting seeds soon and I need to dry some dill weed next. I love the smell of dill as you brush by it and it is scattered throughout the gardens and flower beds. We are still picking peas from our second crop of peas and the third crop is just now blooming. The first pea plants filled up one whole bin in my compost bin. 

As I work in my garden I see that my neighbor has hay on the ground today. Hard to believe they are cutting hay already. Guess I need to check and see when they are cutting ours. The smell of mowed grass and diesel fumes hangs in the air. 

The cabbage just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I am going to measure it so help me as it just seems to be taking forever and is getting huge. Maybe it seems to be taking so long because I can't wait for that first fresh coleslaw. I think I am going to freeze some freezer slaw this year. Anyone out there have a good recipe or experience with it? I am also going to experiment with making kraut in a jar instead of a crock. It will be a first as I have always made mine the traditional way in a crock.  

We continuously experiment with new recipes and ways to preserve our bounty ever thankful for our blessings. Well I am off to snap beans.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter  


  1. I am having problems with my pole beans. The vine is fine, training it to cattle fencing this year but something stripped off the leaves- only the pole beans, not the bush beans. Here is a photo. Do you have any ideas - fenced, wired, no evidence of deer entering but we do have birds and squirrels. How do I protect a pole bean?- link below to my blog and photo

    1. Wow! Bird or squirrel is my best guess. The only way to protect from birds would be netting of some sort. Try putting a couple cheap plastic snakes on the fence..that may fool them for awhile. You will have to let me know if you figure out what it is as I am curious now also : )

  2. Mercy sakes look at all those beans! :O)

  3. WOW! Your garden is really producing this year! What blessings!

  4. That's a bunch of beans, CQ. :o)
    Is that garlic drying on your fence?
    I don't know if I can talk hubby into a dehydrator, but maybe. ;o)

    Have a wonderful, blessed evening, CQ!


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