Thursday, May 24, 2012

Maters And Taters

Last year we had the hardest time getting tomato blooms to set fruit. The temperatures just were not warm enough until almost late June. Same thing the year before.

Here it is May 20th and we have tomatoes! Praise the Lord....

Of course with that heat we have not had rain in almost 2 weeks now and everything is sure getting dry. 

Aren't we gardeners a fickle lot? 

Too hot! Too cold! Too wet! Too dry! Too many bugs ! Too many weeds! 

And remember our straw experiment with the potatoes? WE HAVE POTATOES!! 

Aren't they pretty all snuggled down underneath that straw?
And so easy to get to!

And the green beans are blooming..

Lots of lettuce and mustard !

And we will have plenty of cabbage in our future I think.

Now if the summer garden does this well I will be happy.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. CQ, Your potatoe experiment came out great! I haven't harvested mine yet, need a little more time for the flowers to finish blooming. All your veggies look very healthy (I like your pictures). We can only pray the weather continues on a good course and the bugs stay away

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm just getting caught up with you. Your gardens are so beautiful. The fruit and veggies are fabulous. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  3. The frog photo is so nice! Congratulations on your potatoes! I'm doing the tower and I hope I have some left after our cats decided to nestle down in the straw beds, a few times, tearing up some of the vines. What is left is flowering now so we'll see.

    1. Mine started flowering a couple weeks ago and I have stolen a few new potatoes this week to cream with fresh new peas yum! I was SO happy to see potatoes under that straw : )

  4. I just reread your post on the straw and potatoes or I am pretty sure I read the right one. Did you plant your potatoes the regular way then you pulled straw rather than dirt up the stems as they grew for the potatoes to grow in? I am not quite clear :O). This next spring I am going to try potatoes again! Your blog is a wealth of super gardening and canning information!!!

    1. I planted my potatoes in soil and then pulled straw up around them to about 12 inches deep. I was experimenting as I have never grown potatoes this way. I will say from all observations thus far it is working. It was so easy to just pull the straw back and steal a new potato here and there to cook. Digging should be a snap in the straw. My husband is sold and thinks we should do this from now on : )


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