Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Good Old Summer Time

As May slowly fades and June approaches along with it goes spring. This year we have already hit 100 degree temperature indexes and it isn't even June yet. We swelter in the excessive heat and pray for rain as we watch the earth crack and the gardens wilt. We have started watering the more moisture loving plants and those that are close to harvest in hopes of atleast not stressing the plant with drought before we can harvest it's fruit.  

There have been years past when we have not been able to plant until the weather stabilizes and that has not happened until June. We are thankful this year to be blessed with early summer crops of both corn and green beans. According to the local weather man this has been the warmest spring EVER in our area. We fear that the summer will turn off hotter than normal and hope to maybe get in early pickings of both corn and green beans before the true heat of summer descends upon us with a vengeance. I have already started picking green peas and will probably be finished with our first planting within a week or so. Then they will be pulled up to be followed by a crop of cucumbers. The Bok Choi is almost gone other than the couple plants we have allowed to go to seed. The last row of mustard will be followed by two rows of french horticulture beans. One crop comes out and another takes it's place even if it is just a cover crop. The strawberries are finished and the grapes and blackberries are growing like mad. 

The spring blossoms of the daffodil, Iris and Roses slowly gave way to Butterfly Weed, Rose of Sharon, Petunias, Zinnia and Red Trumpet Vine. The yard is full of adolescent birds trying to learn to fly. They drive the Scottie dogs wild trying to catch them. I have one broody hen sitting on 6 turkey eggs that should hatch soon and two new baby rabbits. 

My mornings are still full of weeding and gardening. I just do it really early to beat the heat. Afternoons are filled with grandkids playing in the wading pool and popsicles. Soon I will be canning again but right now I enjoy a brief break in the canning. I need the break to nurse my first case of Poison Ivy of the season. 

I hate poison Ivy. If there is a poison ivy plant within miles it will find me somehow. That is the one plant WE DO spray at my farm. And often if I have my choice.  

What is going on at your farm this summer?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Hubby's out of commission. I'm working counting the days til I no longer have a job. Watching the grass die and wondering what and how we will get hay.

    It sure it a strange time...maybe that why I'm itching.

  2. It had been a cold wet start to May so the vegetable garden just sat still...then it got hot, now it is very dry and the garden is desperate for rain! We have a hosepipe ban in place due to 2 very dry winters. I fear the garden will not be bountiful at this rate.

    I recently found your blog & have enjoyed reading it.

  3. We are desperate for rain here as well. It's been so hot that I finally gave in and turned the ac on in the house this past Monday when the temps hit 94 and index was much more. It was like a sauna in here. My new fruit trees I planted this year hopefully will make it as they have been looking like I've been feeling in this heat... droopy.

  4. CQ, It sure is getting real hot early this summer. I love your pictures, the flowers and gardens look goregous. Your grandson is so adorable, he's enjoying he popsicle and his tractor. How old is he? Oh no, poison ivy no fun there!!!! Calamin time!


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