Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Community Is Buzzing

Our small town is abuzz. No matter where you go, the small cafe, local tavern or the little town grocery everyone is talking. The March figures are in and March was the warmest in a century. The 2011/2012 winter had the least snowfall in decades.Temperatures soared to the upper 80's last weekend after a full week of warm rainfall. April is upon us with a vengeance. The grass needs mowing and gardens are further along than they normally are this time of year. The tom turkeys are gobbling in the woods and spring turkey season is right around the corner. And the mushrooms are out! And looks like a record year. Yesterday (Monday) we experienced a record high temperature of 89 degrees.   

It's Morel time!  

Now comes the work of soaking them to get the bugs out... 

And preparing them for the freezer.......

I think we'll go crappie fishing. Maybe celebrate Easter with some fried crappie and breaded morels and some grilled fresh asparagus with olive oil and sea salt. A spring feast fit for a king.

But the worst part of all about mushroom hunting........

Picking Ticks...........

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Wow, look at the mushrooms! I agree, we get ticks every time we do anything out here since we're wooded.

  2. People are pickin those here as well as Ramps!

  3. Wish I could find a good mess of morels. Do you plant your own or just have the good fortune of knowing where they grow?

  4. We haven't found a mushroom yet here in Mid Missouri. Usually we have several meals. BUT the hubby did limit out on Crappie yesterday at Lake of the Ozarks!

  5. Can you believe the temps??? This is supposed to be SPRING. We have been so hot here in middle GA already and they are calling for 90's this week! Those breaded mushrooms have my mouth watering!

  6. My husband has already mowed at work at least 3 times!!! Crazy weather for sure : )

  7. We must live a little bit north of you. I'm still not finding morels, but I think they're less than a week away. If not, can I just come to your place for Easter dinner? Hate to invite myself, but yours sounds so good!

  8. Is there any way to "grow" your own? Lure them into growing somewhere? My husband would kill to have that harvest of morels! I keep telling him I don't think we have enough of the environment they need.

  9. Yukky ticks, we haven't seen any since we moved from Missouri and neither have our dogs. That's a good thing! Still miss MO though.

  10. I wish those mushrooms grew here! Yummy... ewww on the tick.

  11. Ticks are a down fall when trying to get mushrooms. As long as you get them all off of you, life is good!

  12. Morels!! YUM!

    Y'all found a lot!

    Ticks are bad down here already.


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