Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunshine At Last

Surely it is Spring! The bees again are buzzing everywhere serenading the flowers. In the distance you can hear the honking of a flock of geese overhead returning north to their summer nesting areas. You can smell in the air the aroma of plum blossoms. The two plum trees always the first to bloom. Blue skies overhead and the warmth of sunshine again on my face.  

The sound again of laundry flapping on the clothes line. Robins again flitting from tree to tree to try and stay away from the puppies. A mother bluebird furiously gathering straw from my mulch to stash in the nesting box attached to the old clothesline pole, nestled in among the bare branches of the trumpet vines.

The burn of my muscles as they protest after a long lazy winter. Again not used to the weeding and pruning that always follow that first warm up. The wiggle of fat night crawlers coming up with the roots of the weeds. I again have my hands in the soil. An old friend returning to nurture and care for it. 

The smell of wood smoke in the air as O Wise again battles the stumps in our unending war  against the prairie trying to reclaim it's own. Always the grass, always the weeds and always work. Such is the life we have chosen here on this land.  

The smell of Daffodils along the walk going to the porch. Little patches of yellow heralding the seasons change.  They seem to welcome the sunshine and the bees. 

The hen house ladies know it is spring. There is quite a courtship going on out there! They are indeed a happy crowd.

Sadie the Visla is making up for months of bad weather and has already dipped in the farm pond.  

We make our rounds pulling back mulch and uncovering the surprises below. Healthy green shoots from the rhubarb bed beg to be let free from the straw to bask in the light. The rhubarb prospects for this year are looking mighty good.  

We are again enjoying open windows and screen doors. The open windows were wonderful last night and we all slept like babies. I am sure we will again tonight all tired from a long day of hard work. Tomorrow more weeding, replacing mulch and pruning. O Wise One is going to tackle cleaning the asparagus beds before those first spears appear. Burning more stumps and a new fence next to the chicken yard. 

At last spring has arrived and we are again thankful for all our blessings. We look forward to the gardening year to come. The bugs are terrible already with such a mild winter. I drew the lucky straw I guess because I got the first tick of the season. Already.  

Happy Spring

Blessings from The Holler 

The Canned Quilter


  1. I, too, got the first tick of the season here at Le Rustique. It rode all the way back to the city right behind my knee before I found it.

    I envy you your rhubarb and asparagus beds. Wish I could come get a lesson working side-by-side with you to start my own beds. Thanks for all the pictures which make for great inspiration.

  2. Love your new header picture!
    And love all the rest of them, too. Happy Spring to you all! :-)

  3. I was going to comment on the new header too. It's really awesome. Loving the springtime!


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