Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Putting Up A Pea Fence

With O Wise One on the injured list the gardening still needs to get in. When you live on the farm with your spouse you quickly learn to pick up each other's slack. The pea fence needed to be put up and those posts sitting next to the garden were not going to drive themselves. I knew that I had to do it or my stubborn husband would be out there trying to with both hands still recovering from second degree burns. The last thing I wanted was him to bust open those wounds. 

So this old woman drove all 22 of them.

 One every 4 feet with a post driver.  I am woman hear me roar! 

I'll be moaning with these shoulders tonight though: )

Honey you can bet me and Mister Ben Gay will be best friends tonight!

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. What a woman you are!! One after my own heart. Louie and i use to grow our own vegtables but we then moved home, this was a good move for us in the sense of larger home, more land, lovely village, the only downside is the soil is clay, concrete in the summer and like a sponge in the winter.
    I will grow some beans and peas in pots, we are south facing so sun pretty much all day.
    I am so enjoying your blog, i have also come by Katy, her blog being The country blossom, her music playlist is so beautiful.
    Have a lovely day, best wishes jackie x

  2. I thought I was impressed before but know I really am. I have driven less then that in the ground and been worn out. Good job!

  3. Goodness! That's a lot of posts to drive at once! I hope you are okay. Be careful! :-)

  4. Good job!!! What a sense of accomplishment! I always feel good when I can do something that hubby usually does. It always frustrates me that it takes me at least twice as long though LOL

  5. Congratulations, CQ. You are an inspiration! I hope I can do half so well.
    I need to get pea fence, too, because I love fresh peas.
    I wondered how O Wise One was doing. Hope he is healing.
    God bless. ♥

  6. My goodness, my shoulders just hurt thinking about it! Good job! I love being able to say that yes, I did that! and seeing people surprised. Hear us roar, indeed!

  7. Oh my, that is a lot of posts! My hubby likes to use his loader bucket to drive in posts when he has a lot to do. One person holds and the other lowers the bucket (with care of course). I had wondered how long the rows in your garden were. Now I know.

  8. You go girl!!! There is nothing more satisfying than completing a job, you did a fabulous job and your hubby will be so proud. How is Mr. Bengay working for you? I hope hubby's hands heal fast for him and he's not in pain. Take care, catch you later.

  9. Go girly!!!!! I would have done the same thing! :O)

  10. I am so proud of you...Great going girl..I have been wondering how Ol Wise One was doing. Hope that he heels up well. It is so inspiring to read your blog..You two really amaze me in all you do. Thanks for letting us in your life...

  11. I hope you weren't too sore CQ!


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