Monday, March 19, 2012

Planting Onions

I use a lot of onions in my cooking. Therefore I plant a lot of onions. Some I plant from bulbs when I plant my potatoes and peas. Others I start from seeds and plant later for a little later crop. These bulbs were planted when I planted my peas. I simply strung my string to mark my row and dug a furrow beside the string. Then I placed my purchased onion bulbs about 6 inches apart down the furrow and covered with soil. 

Some of these onions we will eat fresh during the summer , others will be dehydrated for use during the winter and still others I will chop and put in bags in the freezer. 

I use the onions that I start from seeds for my storage onions as I don't think the bulb starts store as well. 

Do you have your onions planted?

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  1. I do! Planted mine last fall and overwintered the sets. But nowhere near the amount of onions that you've planted. Holy cow!

  2. I do as well, we went with reds this year!

  3. I don't have anything started, but hopefully once we are moved we can figure somewhere to start something.
    I have a feeling it's going to be really hot this summer, so maybe we should plant under a tree.
    Have a great day! Hope O Wise One is doing better. ♥

  4. I plant a ridiculous amount of onions. We have some still in the soil and some already drying. Recent heavy flooding has caused me to pull several rows early this year.

  5. I started them a couple of weeks ago, there doing well.
    Great looking garden you have and plenty of onions :-)

  6. Yup--150 of them, mostly white and some red. Most are up and some are even 8" or so already (I plant bulbs). I've also planted some green onions by seed that are about 1". I freeze most of my white onions, lightly pureed (still some diced but with a little juice, too) in ice-cube trays. I then transfer the cubes to gallon baggies and use these in soups, etc. all winter long. Onions just might be my favorite vegetable!

  7. I can't get over the colour of your soil!! It's so crazy dark and looks like, well, dirt. Ours is red and I always find brown/beige/black soils to look so foreign! I love reading your gardening updates, I'm learning a lot from you! :)

    1. Amendments galore for many years : ) Cow poop, goat poop, rabbit poop, and tons of compost year after year have made this garden. After 14 years in this spot it is still producing strong.


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