Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Vegetable In The Garden

A friend sent these seeds for us to try. I have started them and like traditional cabbage I had sprouts in 3 days. Not really sure what I will do with these so if anyone has any Chinese cabbage experience feel free to jump in here with any help on recipes or growing tips : ) They say it makes a great stir fry. Wonder how it goes with corn bread and black eyed peas?

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The Canned Quilter


  1. This is one that the only experience I have with, is eating it, lol! I can't wait to see how it does for you!

  2. No experience at all other than seeing it in the store. Good luck, CQ!

  3. I've never grown these, but they have a good flavor. I lightly steam them and serve them with cornmeal dumplings. I serve them as a side dish.

  4. I only tried growing these once, but it was from starts shared with me by a local gardener. Wishing you success!

  5. I planted some napa chinese cabbage plants last fall and used them in stir fries. They did surprising well considering how warm the fall was here. They just bolted this week and bloomed and i cut them down last night. I love the crunchiness of bok choy though. They taste a lot like turnips to me after they've cooked awhile.

  6. I threw a couple of heads in with my last vat of collards. I could taste the difference, but only slightly. It had a lighter, fresher kind of taste, even after I had cooked them forever in the approved Georgia fashion. Nobody else noticed (because I didn't tell them. Lol.) I will probably do it again. We eat collards so often; I like to shake things up sometimes.


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