Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Late March Garden

With March coming to a close we are starting to breathe a little easier. This time last year we had snow. For 2012 all the trees have budded and bloomed out. If we were to get freezing weather or snow now we would have no fruit at all. So far so good and we are hoping to finish out the remaining few days of the month with warm temperatures and no frost or hail.  

As you can see in the picture above the potatoes are up and we are working furiously to get them all weeded and mulched with straw. With O Wise One's hands burned and out of commission for several weeks we seem behind in everything. 

We have a great stand of peas up and hope to get another row planted sometime this week. 

The onions are also up that we planted from bulbs. The onions planted from seeds are almost ready to go into the ground. We were hoping to wait until the first of April to plant those in the garden. 

The Rhubarb has completely leafed out now and looks wonderful other than starting to try to put up seed heads that we keep cutting off.

The seedlings of cabbage, broccoli and chinese cabbage are growing fast and will go into the ground soon as well. We have also planted our beets, lettuce, spinach and mustard green seed mats that I made and planted head lettuce seedlings as well. I did get the tomato seeds planted but have yet to get my peppers planted. 

Fresh asparagus has been wonderful and O Wise One has cooked it on the grill several times. He even found the first Morel mushroom yesterday in one of the flowerbeds.  We have been putting in lots of long days this week and have watched the sun set from the garden several days now.  This time of year it seems as if there are never enough hours in the day for what we need to get done. We fall into the bed exhausted and rise again with the sun. They are forecasting rain this weekend so we may get a little time off.

Blessings From The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. It has been a great growing season!

  2. My peas haven't done anything! I'm surprised. Maybe my seeds are too old or we got way too warm, then cool, then hot, then cool, . . . . .

  3. Good morning Canned Quilter,

    I must say your potatoes, peas, rhubarb, cabbage, broccoli,and asparagus look great. Everything looks extremely hearty too.

    How are O Wise One's hand healing? I know burns are no fun, my son was burned badly in a
    welding accident on his arm in school. We placed silver ointment on his arm after cleaning it properly and the burn scar decreased to a quarter of it's size.

    Have a great day, catch you later.

    1. Good morning Sandy,

      O Wise One's hands are healing wonderfully but it has been a long process. Like your son the silver ointment has done wonderfully and the scars are not as bad as they could have been. All that new skin continues to be tender and he still has to be careful.

      You have a great day too


  4. Really glad to hear O Wise One's hands are healing well. ♥ That is a blessing.
    I need to research the silver ointment. I have heard it mentioned before.
    Red Solo cups? Reminds me of Toby Keith's newest song. I think he forgot to include seed starting. :o)

    Your garden is looking great. Congratulations!
    You all have a blessed day!

    1. Those Solo cups are the handiest things. Just take a hot nail and melt drain holes in the bottom and instant veggie pots. The large ones are great for tomatoes. At the end of the season just soak them in a little soapy vinegar water to disinfect and then dry and store for next year. I have been using these for 3 years now. maybe I should write Toby Keith and share that : ) Hugs from CQ

  5. how is your precious husband's hands doing? it wasn't long ago i was the "nurse" for my brothers 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his back from a "controlled" fire. but i can tell you with all my agrarian and holistic background it really made a difference. i'm sure the same can be said about your "magic" touch. love your blog. it teaches me alot. thank u


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