Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 2012

 One plus to blogging is the ability to look back from one year to the next and compare weather conditions and  crop productions and failures. January of 2011 looked like this:

And January of 2012 looks like this so far:

January for 2012 here in North Central Missouri is starting out as one for the record books. With consistent record breaking high temperatures and a snowfall total for the winter so far of next to nothing. The small town cafe is buzzing with news of global warming. The soil is dry. I don't think I have ever seen a January this dry. The large farmers are disking fields, laying fertilizer, burning grass banks and fields. Normally this is done in March. With soybeans prices at record highs it amazes me at the people that are plowing under pasture and grazing land and planting soy beans this year instead of running cattle or cutting hay.

With the last 4 springs being extremely cool, with warm weather not coming until late June and very wet. I haven't had to water my gardens in years other than maybe to sprinkle new transplants as I plant them or water in seed beds. I fear that maybe we are in for a hot and dry spring and summer at the rate we are going.

How's the weather for everyone else out there?

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  1. We will hope the dry trend does not continue. Plowing of grass for soybeans? Do I see another Dust Bowl coming? Alas, poor humans, we never seem to learn.

    Cattle prices are good and I guess they can eat soy beans but to me there is nothing more peaceful than animals grazing in a beautiful field.

    Dry we certainly do not need...I have no desire to experience the ill effects Texas is still paying for. Our rain fall was mixed up last year allowing only one great cut of hay, with one middle cutting and no third at all.

    As much as I dislike snow and ice, I think we need it for the slow soaking it gives the earth...but, alas, I am not in charge.

  2. Too bad they didn't cut the pastures for hay and then plow.
    Why are soybean prices high? Are soybeans being used to replace the corn going to other uses than food?

    Just curious.

    Weather is always crazy in NC, but hubby said it looked like Louisiana got a lot of the rain that caused some flooding in Texas.

    Blessed Tuesday to you both. :-)

  3. I like having a blog for that very same reason! Even if I never had a visitor to it, it gives me a place I can look back on and see where we were at, especially when it comes to weather. In fact, I posted a similar post as yours over at my blog at the beginning of the year ;) Great minds think alike, LOL!

    I really, really enjoy your blog!

  4. It got up to 70 last weekend here in TX. Crazy weather, I'm predicting a very late winter through June this year.

  5. Middle Georgia has been VERY warm. We have had days in the mid 70's when we should be in the upper 50's-low 60's. We had a terrible drought last summer and I really hope we don't have another but this winter has been extremely dry. However, the good Lord knows what He is doing so I guess I'll just have to make the best of it. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, especially all the canning and preserving!

  6. Our winter in western nc has been warmer than usual too. But we have gotten quite a bit of rain-so I'm glad about that-but I wish we'd get one big SNOW before spring : )

  7. Southern Iowa has been very similar and I've been able to make some changes to my unheated greenhouse, vacuum out my vehicle and other tasks I've been putting off because it was too hot or too cold. I too keep looking back at the many pictures of last year's hoar frost and snow and I miss the scenery but not the cold. I worry about the insect population being too healthy next summer.

  8. Yep, Missouri sister...the same here in southern Missouri. There's a sayin'...dry January...dry summer.

    We are plantin' beans this year. Ya can't grow 'em on the same ground every year and we've grown corn and sorghum the past couple years.

    Hopefully the rain will fall again. I can live without the icy weather though...I'm no snow bunny. Heck, I should'a been a California girl! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweeite!!! :o)

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