Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crochet Projects

Cold weather for me means needlework and a creative time. A break from gardening and canning. A time of rest. A time of planning and regrouping. This is a shawl I am crocheting for myself for around the house. I got new yarn and Tunisian crochet hooks for Christmas. I am trying to learn Tunisian crochet. It's kind of a mixture of knitting and crochet. Another of those new skills I am learning online from tutorials and Youtube videos.
Also working on some new potholder for my kitchen. The old ones are pretty ratty and I love these new yarns from Sugar and Creme. 100 % cotton from the USA too!
And you never have too many hats around the house during the winter. 
And already planning for next year with some crocheted snowflakes for my own tree and gifts. These are not starched yet.
Won't they be pretty starched and with shiny white ribbon hanging from the tree. 

What are your winter projects for this winter?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter 


  1. I tried to learn crocheting from my grandmother and just didn't get it.
    You do such lovely work, CQ. :-)

  2. I wish I could do that! If winter would ever really kick in here, we might get something done inside the house. Right now it still feels like fall.

    p.s. I am not complaining : )

  3. I love the snowflakes. I made some years and years ago and they are stiff as a board. I am crocheting a hat for my friend, it has owls all around it and it has been a rough go I tell you. New to me stitches and such. Only 6 more rows left. Yea! I am trying to find a pattern for fingerless gloves to knit. My son gave me a ball of the most beautiful alpaca yarn and a set of knitting needles made from harmony wood. Size 10. I helped my daughter craft some calanders from family photos and framed them and put magnets behind and ta da, everyone just loved them. Me too, I got one from Santa and it has all my kids birthdays highlighted. I am a blessed woman. Have a great day, T

  4. The look perfect!
    I crochet only a little; quilting is more my area. I am trying to get some quilt tops completed during cold days..but here in the south, there aren't very many cold days!

  5. Thankyou for posting about the Tunisian crochet! It brought back memories of my Sister's Motherinlaw .Grandma Ann made aftgans for us all, they washed like iron and lasted for decades. My 34 yr old daughter still has her baby blanket and she can use her's for the new baby girl she is expecting. WE always talk about them and only knew they were a mixture of crochet and knitting.Of course none of us could crochet any thing more than a granny square.Grandma Ann came to this country from Albania. My sister still has some of her wedding nightgowns that she hand made, lace and hand woven fabric.Thankyou for answering the question of how they were made.Best Wishes, Roxy


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