Friday, November 4, 2011

Migration Begins

Hickery Holler has received rain again finally. The weather man says this has been the 5th driest October on record here in Northern Missouri. Everyone was on edge watching for fires as they can spread through those unpicked fields of corn and soy beans fast. We are starting to see the large flocks of migratory birds again,  some passing through and some like the geese lingering for the winter. Along with the geese come the eagles again. The skies come alive with flocks of thousands of blackbirds.

I have been playing around with making a version of homemade hash browns or potato crowns. Grated potatoes and a few onions packed into the mini muffin tins and then frozen. I made a batch and threw in some bacon bits and grated cheddar and they really liked those. Baked in the oven  until crispy.  

O Wise One loaded up the hogs on Monday and took them to the butcher so I have been rearranging freezers to make room.  

O Wise One butchered a turtle for me and I am going to make some Cajun turtle sauce piquant. It is kind of a Cajun turtle soup. I will post the recipe. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. What a great idea for hash browns. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  2. Arggg, I had a really big comment and then hit something wrong that kicked me out!! Well, really great house, and seems to be energy efficient on top of it. What type of layout do you use so all rooms get light? One room deep across or the rooms at the front with storage in the rear? We live in MO too so our weather would be similar, mostly. Are you eastern/central or western northern MO? I spent a lot of time in Bethany where my grandmother used to live. I loved that town.

  3. I would love to see the turtle recipe! I would love to try it!


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