Sunday, November 6, 2011

Living Underground 2

Yesterday I wrote about living underground. Most people expect something dark and closed in until they actually come inside. No longer living with those 7 foot ceilings these are now 9 foot. We painted all the walls light and bright. Also installing lots of lighting helps.We tried to keep most of the storage areas such as closets and pantries to the rear of the house where no windows are required but made sure to install adequate lighting.

This is the dining room. Open and airy with plenty of room for 2 rocking chairs to sit and shell beans or visit over coffee. My son in law loves those rockers and is threatening to furnish his house with them. This room opens directly into the kitchen pictured below.

And a galley kitchen with walk in pantry complete with small freezer. The small oak table is great for eating breakfast or extra counter space when needed. It also serves as the grandkids table a great deal of the time. 

 Laundry/mudroom with 1/2 bath and room for chest freezer and I also put my seed starting shelves in there.

The Master Bedroom....with walk in double closet.This is actually only half of the room in the picture.
Baby O's lair ! This room has 2 walk in closets

Think she might be a reader 

And right across from her room the messiest place in the house...her corner with school work everywhere.

The upstairs family room complete with bathroom. A couple cozy recliners and warm snugly throws to watch TV or curl up with a good book. This room is actually 30 foot long. Huge room and during the winter a retreat. 

Even a corner complete with ironing board, sewing machine and quilt frame that I can leave up year round. Right across from this is a walk in closet that stores linens and sewing supplies as well as lots of quilts.

 A guest room 20X20

Lace Curtains and lots of green plants to help brighten up even those winter days

As you can see not a dark room among the bunch with lots of sunshine even on a dreary autumn day. By thinking outside the box an alternative house design that has paid off for us in big ways. And by being able to use the existing slab we were able to save thousands. Downstairs all doors are extra wide to accommodate a wheel chair. All bathrooms have handicapped toilets and shower bars. Eventually when all the kids are gone and we are no longer able to maneuver stairs we can simply live on the bottom floor alone comfortably with everything we need. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. This is so big and bright! That 2nd floor really gives you a lot of entertaining room too. Very nice.

  2. I've seen lots of homes built into the side of a noll or such, that usually covers two or three sides of house but, it's usually the basement. These homes have what's called walk outs, the one side that is not covered and leads to the outside area. Never seen one like yours though, very interesting. Thank you for sharing. Your home is lovely.

  3. Lots of room and sunshine makes your home an ideal place to live :o)

  4. Beautiful home! Thank you for inviting us in and showing us around!

  5. Very nice! I would soooo love to have a big kitchen. Mine is tiny.

  6. What a wonderful home!!! I see you in every room...your touch, your heart. Beautiful.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful home! I am considering a earth-contact home for my first house and you totally erased my doubt!


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