Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vole Damage

Taking advantage of the mild weather of late O Wise One and I decided to do some gardening maintenance before that first snowfall. Noticing that our Hosta was not looking so well for the last several months we had contributed it to the high summer heat indexes. We decided to dig the Hosta and try moving it to a shadier location. When we got down to actually pulling the plant from the ground it had no roots.

It seems that the voles had chewed off almost the entire root system. We moved the Hosta to a different location and now have mouse traps set all over the flower bed. So far we have caught both dogs.


Meanwhile the voles are still partying in the flower bed I am sure. Probably calling all their little vole buddies over for a party as we speak. Seriously can you hear them laughing.

  Aint gardening fun?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. They must be laughing at the dogs being caught twice!

    Good luck getting rid of them, CQ!

  2. Little munchie varmint boogers. I'm havin' tons of troubles with the moles. 'Feels like Caddyshack 'round here!

    God bless and good luck on clearin' the little creatures out!

  3. I'm sorry to laugh at your dogs' misfortune...but when you said twice, I could not help myself.

    They're terriers, maybe they will get the voles.

  4. Voles love to eat Hostas, must taste like candy to them. I have lots of trouble with voles and slugs in my hostas. One of the best cures, other than a good mouser cat, is to keep the mulch away from the Hostas. I know, mulch is great for most plants, but not for Hostas because of the voles.

  5. Oh those poor dogs! lol! My large male cat, outdoors all night in the nice weather, takes care of anything smaller than he is. He lines the voles up on the porch, along with mice (most of which he eats), chipmonks, squirrels, and moles. Not too many little birds, thankfullY! I like the birds!


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