Sunday, August 7, 2011

Flowers In This Heat ???

It's easy to have great looking flowers in June when them temperatures are mild and rainfall is plenty. But what happens in August when the temperatures hover in the triple digits for weeks and rain is scarce. This patch of cheddar pinks look good year round covering the ground and cascading over the rock wall. The only downside is the voles love them in winter.

And what about those trumpet vines. Mine are still putting out the blooms and the humming birds are loving it !

And these old fashioned lilies are blooming their heads off even in this heat ........

 And these are my new favorite. I started them from seed that I got from a wildflower seed company. they are called Laura Bush Petunias. They have absolutely bloomed unstop for almost 3 months. I tucked them in and among my beds and just let them ramble and spill over the rocks and walls. This is definitely a keeper for next year and I will be shopping for more colors.

How about you...what's blooming in your gardens?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I love those petunias! All your flowers are gorgeous, CQ. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. :)

  2. Nothing is blooming in my garden..everything is dried up and brown. I'm trying desperately to keep my antique rose bushes alive and struggling. I enjoyed your post with the pretty flowers.

  3. Gorgeous! Were you able to direct sow the petunias, or did you have to start them inside?

  4. Amazingly beautiful...the flowers hang on here because Marcy waters.


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