Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Canned Quilter Is Back !

After a long absence during which time my computer was sent to my son to be cleaned and repaired and some unscheduled updates of both hardware and software I am indeed back. Like most people in the country O Wise One and I have spent the last few weeks trying to survive the heat. We now get up at 4:30 in the morning and start our gardening chores in order to get them done before the heat becomes unbearable. We continue to harvest although the gardens are starting to really show signs of heat stress. We have also had to start watering some of the plants hoping to atleast keep them alive long enough to get a harvest.

I feel as if you have all missed so much. Baby Hank had his first birthday and is now walking. He now goes to play school 3 days a week and stays with grandma for 2 days.He loves playing with the other toddlers and is slowly learning how to play with others instead of just grandma and grandpa all day. We bought him a swimming pool, swimming trunks and pool toys for his birthday and he has used them daily....

A great deal of my time has been spent in my chair lately snapping beans. Lots and lots of beans.

With almost 100 jars of beans in the pantry we will no longer can the beans and are now sharing them with neighbors.

Then we concentrated on corn .... 

Freezing 8 gallon and 13 quart bags of corn on the cob and 36 quart bags of cut corn.

And 13 quart jars of sliced peaches....

and 9 half pints of peach peeling jelly.....

and 12 bags of frozen cabbage.....

And a crock of sauerkraut fermenting.......

And half a row of cabbage still in the field..

15 jars of sliced squash.....

5 quarts of chunked potatoes....

Also 18 jars of pickled beets, 10 jars of strawberry preserves

7 jars of stewed chicken and broth and 6 jars of chicken broth

And I still have onions to freeze      

And blackberries to freeze

And lots of potatoes yet not to mention the tomatoes haven't even ripened yet.

So despite record heat and a lack of substantial rainfall we have been fortunate to have gotten our garden planted early and a great deal of our produce in before the real heat struck. I have put in long days sometimes as long as 13 hours straight shucking corn, snapping beans and loading and unloading a canner.

I will not complain though because I know many have not been so fortunate.

I am so happy to again be able to visit so many of your blogs and have so many of you visit mine. It is good to be back.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Welcome , welcome, back :o) you were sorely missed . I see you have been quite busy (maybe it's a good thing the computer was out, at least you got a lot done :o)...Everything looks terrific..There won't be any hunger at your house this fall, or maybe up until the next fall either :o)..good to have you back...

  2. So glad to have you back Momma Hooch! I've missed you:)) What a bountiful harvest~ you have worked hard! Beautiful pictures!

  3. You have exhausted me...just reading your post. I've canned every Tuesday and Thursday for the last couple of months. This is my favorite time of year. Glad to see you blogging again.

  4. What did you say you have been doing in your spare time?

    Beautiful bounty, handsome boy!

  5. Welcome back!
    What fantastic output from your garden. Please remind me when you got your garden in? I think I will need to do about the same time in Louisiana.
    Your onions look fantastic! When did you plant them? The few I tried all died off in the heat and all I got were little 'spring or green onion' size veggies which I am thinking of putting back in the ground.
    So glad to hear Baby Hank is doing so well, too! Hope you all have a great day!

  6. I really missed reading you! Welcome back and congratulations on such a bountiful harvest:)

  7. Coming to your blog from the Blind Pig -- Wow!! What a bountiful harvest you've had! Wouldn't I like to be your neighbor! We've had a terribly hot and dry summer with hardly anything from the garden. In years past I have canned and frozen lots of good things; they're so much better than store bought stuff.

    I also quilt, so I want to read more of your blog and see what you make.

  8. Glad you are back! I missed you! <3 (Army Monkey comes in tomorrow!)


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