Friday, May 27, 2011

Recycling For A Good Cause

I am so excited here in Hickery Holler at the prospect of recycling. Out in the country it is very different than in the city where you can put your recycled garbage in bins on the curb. About 30 minutes from where we live we have found a wonderful recycling facility that is really a sheltered workshop for handicapped individuals. This cause holds such a special place in my heart because I had a kid brother with Downs Syndrome who has now passed. They are very careful about what they take and do not take glass that could hurt the people who sort it. They require that all the containers be washed out well to avoid food odors. What a wonderful way to recycle those aluminum cans, newspapers, cardboard, tin cans and milk jugs and plastic containers and bags while helping the handicapped and the environment. The participants feel so much more a part of society with a job to keep them busy while supplying them with a small income. What a boost to their self esteem. And we save money on garbage disposal as well.

So now about every two weeks when we go to the public library we simply load our garbage bags of recyclable goods into our pickup truck and drop them off at the sheltered workshop before our library stop.  The only thing really left that we burn is our mail since we don't shred it and a few burnable items that they don't take. Now we just have to find someone to take the few glass items that we use and have no where to recycle. 

What a wonderful thing for us all and Thank You Hope Haven !

Do you recycle on your farm? If not how do you handle the question of garbage disposal?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. What a wonderful program. For your glass, use it in mouse, rat or mole holes. Keep them from getting out of hand.

  2. We recycle here. Not sure what we will do when we get to the farm.
    We do recycle metal there. And once we're there, I would love to find someplace like Hope Haven.
    Have a wonderful, weekend!

  3. That is so wonderful! I wish we had recycling in our county.

    You know, on the farm, we use every thing many times over so there is not much to throw away.


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