Thursday, March 31, 2011

She's A Keeper

 Last weekend was a flurry of activity for us. Baby O had a 4-H competition on Saturday and then had to come home and pack to leave on Sunday on a competition for FCCLA. For those of you my age when we were in school(centuries ago)  FFA was for males and represented Future Farmers of America. Girls joined FHA which was Future Homemakers of America. Well times are a changin. FFA is now open to both male and female participants. FHA has now become Family, Career And Community Leaders of America. It is also now open to both male and female participants. Baby O belongs to both FFA, FCCLA and 4-H. At last weekend's 4-H competition Baby O competed in collections, public speaking and photography. She won first place in all 3. In public speaking she will go on to the state public speaking competition sometime this summer. In her FCCLA competition she won first place in state with a display board and oral presentation about a project she did at her school. Basically once a week she met with a group of younger pre teen girls at her school and made presentations and worked with them on issues that pertain to their generation. She called her sessions Camp Confidence and worked on things like self confidence and body image. She will be going to California in July to compete in Nationals. She is so excited about going to California. We are proud of not only her work with other kids but also her success with this program. We are all exhausted from all the packing and transporting and unpacking etc. What an exciting thing to happen in a 15 year olds life.

As for me I'm still trying to dig out from under this pile of laundry.

We are waiting on chickens to hatch any day now and preparing for a masquerade dance friday night for Baby O at the school. The garden is sprouting ! All the seeds we planted on St. Patrick's Day are up. We are looking forward to warmer weather this weekend again to maybe get some more lawn and flower bed work done.

With all the moisture we have had lately the ants have moved indoors and we are fighting a sugar ant infestation. Anyone out there have any good solutions for ants other than a
$145.00 exterminator bill.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter 


  1. Try Demiscuse earth sp? DE earth. Food grad you sprinkle it around your house or on any ant hills you find.

  2. Congratulations to Baby O! That's great. :)
    I never know what to do when those darn ants come inside.
    I may have to find some of that DE and see if it works. :)

  3. What a wonderful daughter you have! I have tears in my eyes for all the wonderful things she is doing. Love hearing about kids doing so well. Do you get to go to CA?

  4. Awesome! Congrats! That is so awesome! =D

    (I'm still cooking for Army Monkey and he bought an engagement ring this week and a pistol.)

  5. This is so fantastic! Congratulations!!!!


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