Monday, January 17, 2011

Ya Never Know!

According to Missouri Dept of Conservatin there is not a reproducing population of Mountain Lions in this state. This is the 11th confirmed mountain lion in this state in the last several years. This one was killed by a farmer in his cattle 2 weeks ago. Less than an hour from my door.

How would ya like to meet that on a dark night on your way to the chicken pens because they are cutting up?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Holy cow! I would not like to run into him or her, and become their dinner! Be safe!

  2. I wouldn't like to meet it anywhere on a dark night or light of day! That's a scary thing to think about..Still meeting a wild and crazy person (or mugger) any time day or night would be just as frightening. Ginny

  3. The boys loved this post:)) We have had a couple of mountain lions spotted up here, too, in the past couple of years~ too close for comfort!

  4. There have been some spottings here...but Game and Fish denies restocking...just like the bears that have appeared out of no where...and the red wolf I saw last month.

    I fear we may be kept in the dark on many things!

    Kudos to the cattleman that got him.

  5. That was one big cat and I sure wouldn't want to meet up with him either.

  6. Thank goodness they're not reproducing...

    If you can believe that. If there are males and females, they're going to be reproducing. And even if they're not, that doesn't keep anyone safe.

    Thank goodness O Wise One does a lot of trapping. If you see tracks nearby, be careful!

  7. Well thanks a lot for feeding my dreams tonight!! I'll have nightmares for sure.
    The Mama coon hound is in the stall beside the chicken coop with her puppies and she will let out a brawl in the middle of the night that brings me straight up in the bed and wakes up the chickens and roosters too! Maybe she is telling me that one of these little kitties are out there? I think I'll send the great white hunter out to check on them all!! LOL


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