Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blooms For The Holidays

Many people when they think of blooms for the Holidays think of Poinsettias. I on the other hand always remember those huge pots of Christmas Cactus that sat in my mother's windows loaded with blooms just for the holidays.

Unlike my mother who just had the red I also have the yellow. There is a white also but I haven't been able to find one YET!! 

These two plants I have had for many years and sit in the south facing window in my guest bedroom. They have always done well there and there they will stay safe from grandchildren's little fingers.

It is such a joy when everything is brown and frozen outside to have fresh blossoms inside the house.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Thank you for the pictures of the Christmas cactus. Especially the red one; my Grandmother had a huge red one, and the picture surely brings back memories. I do believe someone in the family still has a piece of that cactus. I know I've had one or 2 starts, but can't make them grow. Thanks again. Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. My Grandmother had a red one, too.
    Yours are beautiful!

    I don't know if Doc over at Menagerie Manor has any Christmas cactus, but he has similar plants and might be able to help you find a white one if you want one. :)
    They're in Hawaii for Christmas though so he won't be able to reply 'till they return.

  3. How do you get your cactus to wait for Christmas to bloom. I sit mine outside on my covered porch for the summer and as soon as I bring it inside for the winter it starts blooming. I did have some blooms at Thanksgiving this year but have never got them to wait for Christmas.
    Yours are beautiful.
    Merry Christmas.

  4. My sister has these...I can never get them to bloom so have gifted mine to her. They behave properly under her care.



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